"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Game Breaking Information Sports Betting Service

When it comes to picking games on your own you may find that it’s extremely tough to beat the local sportsbooks. Bookmakers create odds that are so tough to beat that there are only 2% of sports gamblers that actually profit from their betting picks. GameBreakingInfo.com is a website that sells sports picks that you may have heard on the local radio station. Their promoted handicapper on WFAN New York is Michael Westwood.

Westwood is a betting strategist and consultant who put together a string of different professional gambling strategies. According to his website GameBreakingInfo.com: Mr. Westwood is considered a sports betting guru now in his 30th year of making clients money. He is tuned into certain line moves and last minute informations the betting public has no way of finding out about. That has been his key to his success over the years.

Within his organization is Mr. Michael Westwood “Platinum Group”. It is designed specifically to deal with the more serious minded players who work hard for their money, appreciate the value of a dollar and want to treat their playing the same as their stock market investments. Last year the “Platinum Group” hit an astounding 83% and this year look to be even better.

His mantra “Knowledge Is Power” holds true in all walks of life. It is this knowledge that will make you a winner. GameBreakingInfo.com will always treat your money the same as their money. Mr. Westwood will show you how to get a positive return on your investment week after week regardless of the sport. As he likes to tell new members of his organization: “WELCOME TO MY WORLD”.

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While we don’t have documented records of each and every handicapper that we review. We know that Jon Price is a living legend and is a nationally renowned sports bettor that can be heard on the local radio all football season long.

Previously GameBreakingInfo.com was an advertiser on Sirius XM Satellite Radio advertising free betting picks from Michael Lawson.