Middling in Gambling

Middling in Gambling

middling in gamblingMiddling in gambling can be one of the most risky techniques used by bettors, but when done correctly can reap extreme profits with multiple wins on the same play. The simplified version of how it works is to bet both sides of a game, but at different lines. For example, if the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks starts at Seahawks -3.5, and you place a sizeable wager on them at the opening to get it at -3.5. Later in the week, closer to the game as more bettors have weighed in, the line has now moved in the Patriots favor to be Seahawks -2.5 The middle number in the line being -3. So if you now place a wager on the Patriots +2.5, you win both bets if the Seahawks win by 3, and you only lose the vig if the game goes above or below that threshold.

Middling can only be done in specific instances when the line has an opportunity to change a decent amount, by at least a full point. This is not always easy to find, but it is much more applicable for games like the Super Bowl where the public has plenty of time to place their bets and adjust the line.

Middling in gambling is one of the few scenarios with a low risk, high reward payout, however, the chances of winning it are even lower than the risks. And for those without deep pockets, losing the vig on a decent sized wager can also leave you in a hole. This technique is usually only put into action by the seasoned professional bettors who have a game down to the final score, and fully expect the outcome of the game to fall within the allotted difference in the spread.

While middling is something that our own Jon Price has done a number of times in his own personal wagers, you’ll never find him giving out such advice to his clients. The chances of losing one wager and winning the other, resulting in the loss of vig, is just way too high. But with some practice, it’s a technique you may want to explore employing in your own wagers. As a common rule, it’s best to follow the techniques and regular practices of the world’s best sports bettors, such as our own Jon Price. It’s usually best to avoid middling if you’re not an informed professional bettor, or at least have the personal insight of a professional at your own disposal. This is your chance to join the ranks of the elite sports gamblers like Jon Price, by signing up on our homepage and letting our team show you what we can do for you and your bankroll without any upfront financial obligation.

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