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MLB Power Rankings

mlb power rankingsIn a sport with as many games on a daily and weekly basis such as major league baseball, power rankings are a good reflection of the ever-changing landscape and also help provide bettors with the insight of who’s hot and who’s not. Baseball is routinely one of the hardest sports to handicap both for amateur bettors and professional sports handicappers, but using tools like our MLB power rankings can be a crucial tool to sorting through madness and finding some reliable winners on a nightly basis during the summer months.

Our staff of 24 MLB analysts are among the most qualified in all of the sports handicapping world. Lead by our own baseball guru and industry sharp, Dave Michaels, our MLB department has chipped in on our great success of 64% winners annually over the last 6 years. Last year baseball actually finished second behind NFL as far as our most successful sports for winning percentage at 65%, which was right behind Jon Price and his NFL department which finished at 66% on the regular season.

The MLB power rankings are a good tool to keep you up to date on which teams are streaking, but it’s not an all in one solution for your picks. There’s more that goes into winning picks rather than just who’s hot and who’s not, however, the weekly MLB power rankings are still a fundamental part of making an informed wager especially in a sport that’s as up and down as MLB throughout the season.

Regardless of where you’re getting your information from, if it’s not Sports Information Traders, you may be having trouble producing consistent winners. Our lead handicapper and sports picker, Jon Price is second to nobody in the industry. He spares no expense in ensuring that his clients have access to only the absolute best winning sports information available to the syndicated sharp bettors around the world.

Jon Price didn’t make his fortune from selling his picks, he made the vast majority of his money from placing wagers on his own picks. That’s confidence in your product that is better than any guarantee that any sports handicapping service can give you. Jon Price is a diamond in the rough that’s become an industry of less than reputable sports handicapping services and this is your chance to join his team and get in on his daily winning picks. Sign up today on our homepage and one of Mr. Price’s analysts will be in contact with you to help you get setup on your path to winning sports picks starting today!

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