"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

MYbookie.Ag – You Heard The Ad Now Read the Reviews

After changing their name from the popular .LV an extension that was known for Bovada which was the replacement for Bodog.com. Now you hear on the radio all across the country the ads for Mybookie.ag and seeing instagram stars like Ava from Cleats and Cleavage promoting the sportsbook. They have a reputable pay out record and since we do not take any wagers what so ever here and only give out winning betting picks and advice you will need to do your proper diligence to make sure you are following your local laws. All sports betting at casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada are legal.

Mybookie.ag phone number and Contact Information

If you want to place wagers that is one thing but if you want to make money then you should first call 866-441-2711 and speak with an analyst at Sports Information Traders to help you gain that extra edge. You can use your mobile phone to call and just click on the phone number above. We can not help you out with any promotional codes or sign up bonuses but we can detail what type of return on investment to expect with a large payout at the end of the season thanks to our betting advice. We do require a deposit and there is always an analyst to chat with 24/7.

MyBookie.LV is now .AG

mybookie.lv has been advertising on KNBR radio in the San Francisco, California bay area. For their sportsbook that redirects to the website Mybookie.ag. The reason for this redirect is most likely for them to measure their marketing efforts to see who is visiting their website from hearing their advertisements on the radio. We want our readers and visitors to know that we are not associated with any sportsbooks in Las Vegas, Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, or any off shore.

When placing a wager we always suggest that you check with your local legislature to see if any applicable laws apply to your actions. We heard the advertisement before we came on air with Patrick O’ Connor on KNBR last Saturday and a lot of our interested clients who are already profitable and making money thanks to the Sports Information Traders team is glad to know that we are here to analyze and help you predict winners each and every week of the football season.

If you have any questions about handicapping and need sports betting advice in the San Francisco, California region we are glad to consult you on who we believe select games each week of the NFL football season. So far this season we have been destroying bookmakers with our winning picks. Jon Price was just featured in Card Player magazine for his expert betting predictions and winning record.