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NBA.com Picks

nba.com picksStop going to news and scores websites looking for winning picks. So many clients among today’s common betting public prefer to try to make their own NBA and Basketball picks by using subpar resources like NBA.com or ESPN.com. That’s the easiest way to lose your bankroll as fast as possible when betting in the NBA, or any other sport, for that matter. The people on those forums offering betting advice are where they are for a reason, because they’re not god enough at picking NBA and college basketball picks enough to be a professional.

Stop listening to losing, amateur handicappers from online or even on TV, they’re no better than the talking heads on ESPN, CBS, or any other networks. They’re paid to stir up story lines, not accurately and consistently pick winning NBA winning plays. Resources like NBA.com, BleacherReport.com, and even Coves.com, these are great places to get your NBA news, scores, and injury updates, but they’re pretty much the last place on the internet you should be looking for help winning your NBA pick ’em pool or basketball wagers.

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