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2018 NBA Odds for the Week

Each day we will update with the latest NBA odds. We provide up to the minute money line, point spreads, and totals for you to wager on. If you have any questions on how to bet on basketball we are glad to help.

If you need advice and help picking Basketball games against the spread then follow legend Jon Price and his star studded handicapping teams predictions and start to build up your bankroll.

Latest NBA Betting Lines

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Live NBA Betting Odds

Get all of your Live NBA Odds & Scores from us at With up-to-the-minute news and even insight to when a line may be on the move, our team is the juggernaut of sports information services. Never miss a beat as we send you all the latest updates that effect your wagers and favorite teams.


2015 NBA Odds

In addition to staying in tune throughout the season with all the latest, breaking information, we also give weekly promo plays for new clients to sample our service. Our basketball department at Sports Information Traders is lead by Mike Wise, who is considered one of the best basketball minds in the country in both Pro and College Basketball. Whether your a small time weekend warrior just looking to make some money on the weekends, or a season sports investor with a few years of working with a reputable service, we cater to everyone with our daily NBA Odds and Picks.

As far as sports betting advice, the information is only as reliable as the source it’s coming from, and nobody in the industry provides as quality information as us. Our team at Sports Information Traders is a professional service designed to help you win money in sports wagering consistently and efficiently. Using our proprietary tools, we can not only collect more information than the common player, but we also know how to use it to our advantage.

Billions of dollars are wagered each and every year based on Jon Price’s sports betting tips, and he’s won his clients a fortune over the last decade in the gambling industry. Stop giving money to the know-nothings of the industry with a nice sales pitch and a website… Jon Price has been featured in national publications across the country from Forbes to the Huffington Post and everything in between including a number of nationally syndicated radio program. Now is your time to stop your losing gambling habit and join a winning team of sports betting experts who will help guide you through the betting process on a daily basis and help you determine your wagers day in and day out. We’re the only people with access to our winning information on a daily basis, because Jon Price spares no expense in retaining the best sources.

We average 64% winners per year, over 4% than the 2nd place documented online sports service. We’re featured on syndicated radio throughout the country and have one of the largest teams of scouts and analysts in the sports world. So drop the pretenders and get with the real deal. Join the only sports investment firm of its kind with 64% winners annually. Sign up today on our homepage and join a winning team!

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