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NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

ncaa basketball power rankingsDuring the early goings of the college basketball season, professional sports handicappers and bettors, alike, all scramble to prepare for another long season of games. Most handicappers are building their team profiles, and reports in hopes of getting their finger on the pulse of teams early and keeping it throughout the season, however it rarely goes as planned. There’s always plenty of surprise teams that overachieve and surprise everyone, and there’s also some on the other end of the spectrum that fall short of expectations. These are the kinda bracket busting teams that can screw your entire college basketball betting season.

This is where tools like NCAA basketball power rankings come in handy for both bettors and handicappers. The power rankings help bettors adjust on the fly when their team profiles are shattered within the first few weeks, which is common in today’s NCAAB with the parity at the top and throughout. The weekly power rankings can give you a quality resource to prepare for games and pick winners.

While the power rankings never tell the whole story of the landscape of college basketball, they still are a great place to start gathering your information on today’s coming NCAA basketball action. Over history, the games have showed not to follow the formula of simply loading up on the higher ranked power rating, but that doesn’t mean that the power rankings are completely useless. Our own team, headed by our lead handicapper and founder Jon Price uses power rankings on a daily basis. More so to see how outside perspectives are judging the teams, which may give better insight to line moves made by the public. For example, if Duke is ranked 8th in the country, but 3rd in power rankings, the betting public may underestimate Dule based on their 8th seeding if they’re playing another highly ranked team. So if that line moves away from Duke, it’s likely the uninformed money from the public bettors getting in their picks and making the line move. But if it’s the sharp money, then you have to bet with where the money is going. Always follow the sharp money!

While deciphering the power rankings to pull winning picks out of it is a whole other challenge all on its own. For that, it’s best you put the professionals on your side, like our team here at Sports Information Traders. Let our team show you the ins and outs of using resources like the NCAAB weekly power rankings to make your picks. Sign up today for our free weekly promo play and let our team of analysts help you improve your winning picks this college basketball season!