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We are ahead of yet another very interesting NCAA football matchup as the Auburn Tigers (4-2, 2-1 SEC) and the Arkansas Razorbacks (5-2, 1-2 SEC) will challenge each other in a face-off that is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2016. at 6:00 PM.

From this distance, I can already hear the roar of the Tigers fans, who are highly anticipating to see their Tigers back in action once again, after a bye week!!!

Jordan-Hare Stadium will be on fire on Saturday when the Auburn Tigers host the Arkansas Razorbacks!!!

Jordan-Hare Stadium will be on fire on Saturday when the Auburn Tigers host the Arkansas Razorbacks!!!

Both of the teams hope to win this one as it can determine the future path of the rest of their season, especially in the SEC. However, taking all things in account, it seems like this game is a bit more important for Auburn, especially considering that it could keep their hopes alive for establishing themselves as a real threat once again this season. So, without a further ado, let’s take a look at some of the key facts that could determine the outcome of this match.

Arkansas Defense & Offense:

  • The Razorbacks one thing that they have struggled so far in their season was their defense. In their only two losses this season, they have allowed over 44 points. On average they are allowing 27.9 points.
  • Considering that Auburn is one of the best rushing teams (262.8 yards/game), Arkansas is not in a good position going into the Saturdays match. Namely, the Razorbacks opponents have rushed 175.9 yards/game.
  • The situations is not any better in the air as well, as the Razorbacks are allowing over 220 yards through the air per game.
  • Overall, the Razorbacks rank 61st in the nation allowing almost 400 yards/game.
  • The Arkansas offensive unit definitely looks much better, as opposed to the defense. With the averages of nearly 35 points per game, Arkansas offensive unit has had a lot of reasons to smile about during the season.
  • Through the air, they are going for nearly 260 yards/game, while on the ground they are on the 180 yards/game range, which totals to almost 446 yards per contest.

    Austin Allen leads the SEC in passing yards!!!

    Austin Allen leads the SEC in passing yards!!!

  • Their QB Austin Allen and running back Rawleigh Williams III have been superb the entire season, as Allen leads the SEC in passing yards (1.861) and Williams III leads the SEC in rushing yards (785). In Addition, Allen has collected a total of 18 TD and only 6 interceptions (219 attempts). Williams III, on the other side, has averaged 5.6 per carry and 5 TDs.
  • The Receivers have also been at their best this season. Drew Morgan has caught the most balls on the Razorbacks team with 37 catches, Jared Cornelius has collected most receiving yards on the team with 448 (22 catches), while Keon Hatcher has had most TD catches (5).

Auburn Defense & Offense:

  • The key to success for Auburn on Saturday will be their defense, as they go against one of the toughest offensive lines in the season so far. Especially important will be the Tigers ability to stop Razorbacks running game, and putting pressure on Austin Allen, not allowing him to win yards through the air.
  • Furthermore, Carlton Davis and Joshua Holsey will both have to show up big at the cornerback position.
  • As we have mentioned before, Arkansas has some of the most talented receivers in the nation, which means that the Tigers Tray Mattherw, Nick Ruffin and Johnathan Ford will be put on the test. Linebackers could also prove to be the key on Saturday. Looking at the Razorbacks game against Alabama, it was noticeable that Alabama’s linebackers had four out of seven sacks in that game, which is something that Kevin Steele could copy on Saturday, finding the right moment to send some additional pressure through his linebackers.
  • Offensively, if Kamryn Pettway and Kerryone Johnson show up healthy and ready to go, there is no chance that the Arkansas Razorbacks defense will be able to match the rushing attack. In addition, John Franklin III could see some extra playing time on Saturday, as his running ability could be of a great use against the Razorbacks defense.
  • However, Sean White will, once again, light up the score with his passing game. If he gets it going, then Auburn will score plenty, which is something he has been doing great as of lately.
  • If Auburn manages to get their running game going right from the start, there is no way that they can lose this game.
Sean White will have to show up big time on Saturday and lead his team pass the Razorbacks!!!

Sean White will have to show up big time on Saturday and lead his team pass the Razorbacks!!!


The crowd at the Jordan-Hare Stadium is looking for a great college football match as both teams will come out and score a lot of points. The offensive lines on both teams seem to be the stronger weapon, as opposed to their defenses, which means that the game will be decided on many points. The over/under line is set to 55.5, according to the leading online handicapping service Sports Information Traders, which is a great source for an accurate score prediction.

Furthermore, although the Razorbacks season stats indicate that they still could become a threat in the SEC, despite the 2 losses, we just dont see them taking away a win from the Auburn Tigers in such a franatic atmosphere at the Jordan-Hare Stadium, especially if Sean White opens up the running game with his accurate passes.

The Auburn Tiger are a -7.5 favorite to win this match and we most certainly agree with the offered line, despite the fact that the Razorbacks could hold onto the very last minutes of the game.