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Nevada Gaming Control Board sports bettingThe Nevada Gaming Control Board is the center for all of Nevada’s gambling lawns and regulations. They regulate all of the casinos in Reno, Las Vegas, and throughout the entire Nevada area to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules and that the casinos are keeping up their end of the bargain in terms of taxes and fees.

The gaming board is also on the customer’s side when it comes to ensuring that the casino games are all fair and not rigged in the casino’s favor, which used to be common practice throughout casinos in the earlier years of the industry.

While the gaming board is there to ensure that the casinos and sportsbooks aren’t illegally tilting the odds in the house’s favor, they won’t help you hit that big sports parlay wager you have, or help you with your daily winning sports picks. For the kind of help you need to come to our team here at Sports Information Traders. Led by our founder and lead sports handicapper Jon price, our team here is made up of some of the greatest and most well-connected sports minds in the entire country. Mike Wise and Dave Michaels are Jon Price’s two right hand men, and they bring to the table two different sets of skills.

Mike Wise is the basketball guru and can hit over 65% winners every week of the NBA season, making you a killing each and every week. Dave Michaels is our international sports expert, as well as our baseball handicapper with a flawless career record in baseball. By flawless, we mean he has never had a losing season throughout his entire career. Even the best of the best usually have a single blemish or two on their resume during their career, but since working under Jon Price’s guidance, Dave Michaels has not had a losing season in any sport.

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