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Image result for NFC NorthGet all of your NFC North football information from around the division right here at Sports Information Traders. The 2016 NFL Season is off to a fast start and just now getting into full swing, and the four teams of the NFC North are a bit spread out this year.

The Vikings have to be a mild surprise this season. Many people had high hopes for Minnesota entering the year, but after losing Teddy Bridgewater very early in the season, many had written them off to fade. The Vikings’ management sensed a critical opportunity to make a run for a title this year and surprised everyone with a huge headline trade for Sam Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagles, to bring back that key quarterback element that they had lost when Bridgewater went down. Many would argue that Bradford is far better than Teddy, and that Teddy’s days in Minnesota are now over after the performance of Sam Bradford thus far. And it’s hard to argue with the results, the Vikings are currently 5-0 on the year and looking sharp behind a dominate defense.

The Packers are off to a disappointing start, and Aaron Rodgers has the lowest completion percentage in the league through five games of the season. At 3-2, they’re currently tied for second in the division with the Detroit Lions, but their defense is worth worrying about as they haven’t been able to shutdown much of anything this season, and Aaron Rodgers isn’t playing up to Aaron Rodgers’ standards while completing just below 60% of his passes on the year. They have all the weapons offensively, but have struggled to put it together thus far in the first quarter of the 2016 NFL Season.

The Detroit Lions have been inconsistent, and are still a bit of an unknown. Their defense had been horrible at times, but the offense has done enough to keep them in most games. They’ll need to find some balance if they wish to make a run at the Vikings for the NFC North division, or a chance at a wild card spot.

The Chicago Bears have been the eye sore of the division. Standing at 1-5, the Bears have looked every bit as bad as their record suggests. Jay Cutler has been replaced by Bryan Hoyer, but nothing has changed. The Bears look like one of the worst teams in the league at the moment, and their chances of being competitive at all this year are fading more each week.

Stay tuned for more from Sports Information Traders on all the happenings from around the NFC North and the rest of the league.