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NFL.com Picks

nfl.com picksNFL.com is a great place to find all of your NFL news and updates…. From breaking news, injuries, scores, and any other crucial updates having to do with the NFL, then NFL.com is your place to be, however, if you’re looking for winning NFL picks, it’s about the last place you should go for insight into your daily wagers.

Fans that post picks and betting advice on forums such as the one on NFL.com are posting on forums, instead of in the big leagues handing out sports wager advice for one reason… They’re not good enough. Don’t listen to the amateurs and their ignorant insight. They don’t have the staff, resources, or connections like the professionals do. Our NFL department here at Sports Information Traders is lead by our own founder and lead handicapper, Jon Price. He’s been picking NFL and college football games for the last 6 years at an impressive rate of 64% winners annually. I’d like to see some of those amateurs hit a mark above 50%, let alone 64%. You get what you pay for in the world of sports betting advice and picks, and going the free route may save you a few dollars short term, but it’ll also cost you your entire bankroll in the long run.

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