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NFL Confidence Pool Picks Explained

NFL Confidence Pool Picks ExplainedThe NFL is by far the most popular sport in America, not only amongst common fans, but also amongst sports bettors. And with this popularity has come a whole collection of new ways for fans to take part in the season with various pick ’em leagues and the new latest craze, NFL Confidence Pools.

In an NFL Confidence Pool, everyone picks the winner of each individual game, just like they would in a pick ’em league. However, where the distinguishing difference is that you also rank the games from 1-16, because there’s 16 games each week, based on how certain you are of the outcome. So for the game that you’re most confident will win, you’ll want to wager 16 points on it, and for the play you’re least sure of you’ll only want to wager 1 point. And all the other plays will fall somewhere in between, one number per play. You cannot wager 16 points on multiple plays, or 1 point on multiple plays, etc. So at the end of the week, you add up your point total, and whoever has the most points wins for that week. Some leagues have week to week prizes, while others only give out prizes for the winner at the end of the year.

It’s not only a fun and interesting way to wager on sports in a friendly office environment, but it can also make you a lot of money if you get any good. And by getting good, we mean that you have the right winning information on your side. Picking daily sports winners is all about the information you’re receiving. Winning sports betting information is only as good as the source you’re getting it from.

Here at Sports Information Traders, our team is second to none at picking the best odds on the board and delivering them to our clients on a day to day, week to week basis. Our own lead handicapper Jon Price is second to none in the world of sports handicapping, as he’s been featured in a number of national publications from Forebes Magazine to the Huffington Post, and everything in between, including ESPN radio. The only way to go into one of these office pools is with the winning information to help you take the top spot.

Next time you’re getting your office pool together and thinking about going with a traditional pick ’em league, think again… NFL Confidence Pools are everything pick ’em leagues are, but with more nuances that spice things up and add an extra level of strategy to your NFL office pics pool.