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NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power RankingsThe one sport where the power rankings probably hold the least relevance to making successful sports wagers is probably the NFL. No matter if you’re a seasoned bettor or a veteran professional capper, the NFL power rankings don’t work as well as a betting tool like they do in some other sports that have more consistent games on a daily schedule. In a sport like football and a league like the NFL where the games and season are so stagnant with a full week in between each set of games, the power rankings do a poor job of reflecting who’s hot and who’s not, partly because given a week of preparation, any team can go from hot to not, and vice versa.

While the power rankings are never completely useless, they just don’t hold the same weight as they do in football as they do for daily sports like baseball and basketball. Particularly when it comes to betting on games, the power rankings don’t have much correlation to teams covering the spread.

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