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NFL Spread

NFL spreadThe NFL is far and away the most popular American sport not only among the common fan, but also among the common betting public. With that popularity also comes extra scrutiny from the sportsbooks in Las Vegas. They dedicate more resources to analyzing and handicapping NFL more than any other sport, because it’s the sport that has the most money wagered on it each and every year. Even with the extra resources expended on studying and knowing these NFL teams better than anyone else, there’s still always one or two gem of a plays each and every Sunday during the NFL season, and nobody in the world is better than Jon Price, founder and lead handicapper for Sports Information Traders, at picking out those one or two gems for his clients to load up on and make all of their money for the entire week.

For as long as there’s sports betting in the United States, the National Football League will likely reign as the superior and favorite sports for common betting fans to wager on throughout the season. Not only is it American’s favorite sport, the games are at a premium because there’s currently only 16 regular season games played for each team. Which is a fraction of what the NBA plays (82 games) or the MLB season which is a ridiculous 162 games. It’s the low number of regular season games each season along with the great product they put on the field on a weekly basis that’s helped the NFL become the king of sports betting fans in the United States over the last ten years. By far the most popular league among American fans out of the four major American sports, as well as their college counterparts, the NFL isn’t going anywhere any time soon. One of the most entertaining sports to watch, as well as one of the easiest to pick consistent daily sports winners at, NFL sports picks against the spread should be your bankroll’s top priority during the winter months of the sports betting world.

With sixteen games to choose from every NFL Sunday, that’s more than enough options for Jon and his team of industry sharps and analysts to pick out the absolute best odds and the most likely probability of winning. Don’t take our word for it, the record speaks for itself. 64% winners on average over the last 6 years. That’s first among online documented NFL handicappers. Stop wasting your time with losing services, come to a reputable service that’s known world wide. Sign up today to receive our free promo play of the day and see what our professionals can do for you and your bankroll this NFL regular season. Our team is lead by the world renowned sports handicapper and picker Jon Price. Join a winning team with a track record of consistent winning.