On The Clock

on the clockIt’s that time of the year again where the NFL Draft is right around the corner, and every NFL team and coaches are busy gathering all their information and assessing their data to pick what they hope to be the next be difference maker for their respective team. The Cleveland Browns are currently on the clock, and have said that they have no plans of trading away the first overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. Many experts suggest that this is a weak quarterback class, and some have even said that not a single one of these top quarterbacks in the draft are ready to come in and start from day one. The last time that the Browns took a quarterback in the first round was Johnny Manziel just a few years ago, and we all saw how that train wreck unfolded, so given the lack of talent at the quarterback position in the draft, and their less than stellar track record of drafting quarterbacks with high first round picks, it’s becoming increasingly safe to say that the Browns are not targeting a QB with their top overall pick in the draft. Outside of QB there’s plenty of options, particularly the pass rush which could certainly use some attention in the Browns’ defensive front.


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