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Pay Attention To Teams On a Cold ATS Streak

From my personal experience as a professional sports better, if a team is on a cold ATS streak, such as 0-3 ATS, you can be assured they will cover on the fourth game. The same applies to Over/Under ATS trends. If a team’s last three games have all went under, you can bet with confidence the fourth game will go over. Why? Because Vegas doesn’t want professional sports to be too predictable or they’d lose money. For example, if a professional sports team’s last three games all go under, most people will assume the fourth one will as well, as the team simply isn’t scoring much. However, this is where they trick you and make money. This is why it’s essential to follow ATS trends closely. By taking a team that’s on a 0-3 ATS trend, I’d say with confidence more then 75% of the time you will win based on my personal experience.

As an example and free play, I’ll reference an upcoming game this week. The Cincinnati Bengals are 7-1 ATS while the Houston Texans are 3-5 ATS. Their’s no way the Bengals go 8-1 ATS and the Texans go 3-6 ATS. Why? Because everyone would keep betting on the Bengals to cover and Vegas would lose money. Everyone would also stop betting on the Texans if the team continuously doesn’t cover games. Having this knowledge about taking a team when they’re on a cold 0-3 ATS streak will help you to start winning more money today.

Free pick: Texans +12