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Pick ’em Definition for Sports Wagering

Pick 'em Definition for Sports WageringWhen a game is labeled “PK” or Pick ‘em, it’s essentially saying that there is no point handicap for that play and that the teams are evenly matched. In these particular scenarios, the better can simply choose what team he believes will win the game outright, as there is no favorite or underdog and there is zero point spread.

This is most commonly seen during playoff and championship games because by that time, only the best teams remain and there’s usually less margin of difference in talent between the two teams. In many circles, pick ‘em is considered an easier, more straight forward bet because there is no line and the bettor simply has to pick who will win the game. This even money offered by the betting line also delivers a healthy payout for bettors who decide to play and win pick ‘em games.

Pick ’em should not be confused with an even moneyline wager. Understanding how to properly place your wager on baseball in order to maximize your reward and minimize your risk, you need to grasp the basic principle at play and know the difference between betting on the run line vs the moneyline. Another wager to always consider when placing a bet on a sports game is the total. You can wager on the total combined score of the two teams, just like any other wager on a total in other sports. No matter what kind of wager you place or what sport you’re betting it on, it’s best to come to the professionals like our own team here at Sports Information Traders before you make your picks.

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