Picks and Parlays

Picks and Parlays

picks and parlaysStraight bets and parlay picks have long been the standard wager among common players, and while there’s plenty other forms of action to get into on a nightly basis (like prop bets and teasers), straight picks and parlays are still the foundation of a successful sports investment plan.

2015 NFL Picks & Parlays

It has been a truly amazing run and year for the clients at Sports information traders. Our clients first heard us on the radio or read about Jon Price in one of the numerous magazines or websites that published a full length feature on the greatest gambler of all time. While that is nice it is even better when clients start to profit with Jons services. He has gone 76% to date so far in the 2015 NFL season with his top premiere plays. It is a run like no other ever before. He has also pulled on experts like Claude LeBlanc who handicap hockey to help strengthen the roster for the rest of the year.

One bonus has been a weekly parlay when it makes sense as a hedge. As of November 2, 2015 there are no other handicappers who are as successful as sports information traders.

Many services urge clients not to parlay plays; Those services aren’t confident in their product. While we will only advise players to place separate parlay action on highly rated plays, we still implement parlays as the fastest way to cash in on solid information. That being said, we don’t advise clients to play parlays every night. They are reserved for only specific situations, depending on the quality of the information.

Most of our action is geared toward disciplined investing on straight bet picks every night, but as any successful investor will tell you, when the right information meets the right opportunity, you need to take advantage. Given the loss of value when parlaying two picks together because you now need to win two (or multiple) picks instead of one, we like to compensate for that loss in value by lowering our wager some. The higher payout more than makes up for the lowered wager, and makes sure you’re not too pot committed with poor odds.

There’s so many different strategies and formulas to being successful at sports wagering, the cards are really stacked against the average everyday amateur bettors who make picks on their own. It’s simply impossible for a single person to keep up with the flow of betting information on a daily basis, and to be able to separate the winning information from that of the losing sources. Let Sports Information Traders show you the ins-and-outs of picks and parlays, and how to use the various forms of wagers to better strengthen your bankroll. With steady, disciplined investing in straight bet picks, and using the occasional parlay opportunity to your advantage, you can quickly master the world of sports investing. You can sign up for free above or on our homepage and let our team help start you on your way to successful sports wagering today.

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