Prop Betting Lessons from Super Bowl 50

What Did you Learn From Betting on Super Bowl 50?

Now that the big game is over and Peyton Manning wins his second Super Bowl championship we can examine the big game. Football handicappers and bettors who wager only once a year can read this when Super Bowl 51 or XXXXXI or VI comes around to get an extra edge wagering on the big game in Houston, Texas learning from the mistakes made from those who bet on the Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos game.

We provide a very helpful super bowl squares which is a fun way to bet on the outcome of each quarter without needing a lot of skill. The majority of office pools consist of those who bet on the super bowl and March Madness.

The most fun however is the proposition bets. Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s timing of the national anthem showcases of the local scenery, how many passing yards by the quarterback, or who wins the coin toss we will reflect back on some events of this past years NFL Super Bowl.

The Coin Flip Super Bowl Prop

The coin is up and it comes down as tails. Odds on that were -105 and the Carolina Panthers won the toss also at -105. The historical figures of winning the coin toss to winning the big game came back as inconclusive.

First team to score points in the super bowl? This year the Denver Broncos scored on their opening drive at +120. Odds for them to win the game outright were -160 while the most credit needs to go to the Broncos excellent defense as they routed a 24-10 win in Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Total Points Scored by the Panthers in the Super Bowl? Oddsmakers projected 24.5 points and the season average was 31.2 points per game. However 10 points when it mattered most was a loss for anybody who bet on the over prop. Broncos were at 20 points and went over by 4 points in their victory.

Superbowl MVP Choice? Von Miller taking it home at 20/1 odds and stopping favorite Cam Newton from winning. The open shirt superman touchdown celebration foiling less than 2.5 times at -140 was a shocker to many in the Carolinas.

Sacks in the super bowl? This set a record with 12 sacks where the total was set at 5.5 sacks. Miller the MVP of the game had 2.5 sacks where the prop wager on him was set at .5 sacks.

Total viewership of the game is the most important number to advertisers and this year we had 2.5 million less than the Seattle Seahawks New England Patriots game with 111.9 million. Expected viewers? 117 million a difference of 5 million watchers.

Still, Super Bowl 50 was exciting, and the halftime show didn’t disappoint fans, as Coldplay delivered, starting out their set with their hit Viva la Vida (5/1), before giving way to Beyonce’s controversial performance in her black shoes (3/2) and revealing body suit.

The color of the Gatorade

Gary Kubiak and the Broncos celebrated their big Super Bowl 50 win that Jon Price correctly called in early September in the Huffington Post. In what better fashion than by dumping orange (5/4) Gatorade on Kubiak, Manning never mentioned his retirement in the postgame interview (-1000), shedding not a single tear (-1200).

So now you have a great overview of the Proposition bets that did and did not pay off. So for the big game in Houston at Reliance Stadium you have some helpful tips. If you need assistance betting then contact an analyst today at Sports Information Traders the worlds number one sports betting service.

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