Runline in Baseball

Runline in Baseball

runline in baseballTraditionally, the moneyline is by far the most common wager in baseball. With so many games, regardless of the disparity in talent between the two teams playing, being decided by less than two runs, it can sometimes be risky business to wager on the runline if you don’t know what you’re doing. The standard runline for MLB games is 1.5 points. It rarely, if ever, deviates from that, and for good reason.

In baseball more than any other sport, there tends to be a lot of close 1 run games. However, the payout for betting the runline can at times be ludicrous and worth taking a shot on. The payout for an underdog runline play can easily double your investment, but as with any high risk high reward play, I wouldn’t make a habit or a living off of wagering on such steep odds.

Moneyline is still the way to go for the vast majority of your baseball wagers. When we have great information on a play, that’s one of the few times we’ll ask that our clients go in on a runline in MLB. Which happens at least a few days a week, but it’s still not always the best odds on the board, so regardless of the extreme payout, if the risk isn’t worth the reward the pick usually ends up on our cutting room floor with the rest of the scraps.

Mastering when to play the runline and when to load up on the moneyline is one of the biggest indicators that separates the successful baseball bettors from the losers. Few have done it better over the years than our very own Jon Price. Mr. Price has made an entire career out of knowing when to load up on the run line as opposed to the moneyline, among other specific nuances of daily sports betting. From Forbes Magazine to Yahoo Sports, Huffington Post, Gambling911, and the Wall Street Journal, seemingly every major financial and sports publication in the United States has wanted a piece of Jon for his secrets to sustained success in a field that is extremely hard to make a career out of. Second to nobody over the last 10 years of his documented daily sports picks, Jon Price spares no expense in ensuring that his clients at Sports Information Traders has access to only the absolute best daily sports betting information for all four of the major American professional sports, as well as their college counterparts. Get in today on our homepage to get a sample of what Jon has going on, and let us show you the path to winning today!

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