"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

SBR forum picks vs. SIT Service Plays

Updated 1/10/2016– Service plays are picks and predictions from a selection of different sports handicappers. Getting a consensus can be a great strategy but can also lead to something called “Analysis Paralysis.” This means that there is too much information to decipher and you are confused as to what selections to pick. That is why sports bettors and investors who want to make money and take this seriously work with Sports Information Traders the worlds best sports betting service. Our analysts give you the best service plays and keep you from wasting time on message boards like cappers mall, theRX Forum, and the famous Sports Book Review.

SBRforum.com provides some of the best sports information and reviews of the different offshore sportsbooks throughout the world. Thanks to their comprehensive site and outgoing community you can learn a lot about sports betting from their members. The place is not a big fan of touts and is quick to help out amateur sports bettors who are trying to learn the ropes to become a profitable bettor.

The team here at SIT Picks is glad to help guide you and advise you on how to become a profitable bettor or in cases where you are in the hole and want to continue betting on sports we can help get you out of the hole if you are disciplined and listen to our advice. So far this Football season we have hit all time records winning now 72% of our games. All games are documented as they are heard live on the Radio and then the higher quality service plays are given out to paying clients.

We have affidavits signed by clients confirming our winning record and the amount of money they have made thanks to our consulting services. These are things that no other sports service would ever do because they do not win like the legend Jon Price does. In case you have not read about his features in the Huffington Post, Ante Up Magazine, Card Player, Forbes, Eye on Gaming, Gambling911.com, and the list goes on and one because this guy is a legend beyond belief. He has the checks, betting tickets, and proof to back it all up. ESPN Picks & CBS Sports analysts do not even have a winning record against the spread at the end of the season. So be weary of following telecasters plays.

So if you want guidance from a community that may help you win the SBR Forum Picks are an okay place to start. If you are serious about treating this opportunity as a sports investment then the SIT Service plays from Jon Price & his analysts are going to be the very best place for you to start building your bankroll.