"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Sharp Action

sharp actionOur team at Sports Information Traders is headed by our three headed monster of industry sharps, Jon Price, our founder and lead handicapper, Mike Wise who is the head of our NBA and College Basketball department, and Dave Michaels who leads our MLB department, respectively. Jon Price for many years would place bets on his own picks in Vegas, until sportsbooks began cracking down on taking Industry sharp and expert pickers’ action. Jon Price has made millions off of his own picks alone, but now must rely on what are called “Runners” to place his bets and spread them up amongst various sportsbooks.

That’s how good our team is. Our own founder is one of Las Vegas’ most feared men, and up there with the likes of such bettors like Billy Walters. This is your chance to get in on the sharp’s action with Jon Price and his team and see how the professionals pick sports on a daily and weekly basis. Jon Price has turned his name into a common one associated with success and winning picks throughout the sports betting world.

Jon Price is well known around the world as being one of the greatest sports pickers of his generation. He’s been featured in hundreds of nationally published articles from Huffington Post to multiple interviews with Forbes Magazine about his unquestioned success and sustained career in the industry of picking sports winners on a daily basis. It’s a tough business to make it in for ten years, but Jon has been at it for over twenty and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Jon is also featured in nationally syndicated radio programs throughout the basketball and football seasons each year. An ace of spades among clubs is what Jon Price has always been since his earliest years picking sports from his NYU dorm. He’s been in the industry for over twenty years and can tell a trap bet from a solid value wager everyday of the week, and his clients have profited greatly from this profound and distinct talent.

Join our three industry sharps as we take on Vegas and the sportsbooks. Our daily gameday reports are the best in the business and our service is considered one of the most reputable and consistent services available to the betting public online. So get in today and let our team of Sharps get you on the winning side of tonight’s big play.