Smart Sports Investments Wins

If you make a smart investment betting on sports, then you can make a lot of money. If you don’t practice and watch carefully what you are doing then you very well can lose your ass wagering on games. A broken clock can be correct twice a day but when gambling on sports if you get lucky when you are first starting out then you can end up costing yourself a lot of money with a false sense of reality.

Sports betting is very difficult. Only 2% of bettors are profitable and out of those 2% less then 1% of them actually sell their sports betting picks to the general public. It wasn’t till after years of being in the sports industry that Jon Price decided to go public and to let anybody with discipline and a willing angle to purchase his advice. This was after he made his money and decided to give back. Most formulas and successful runs expire but Price has continued to evolve his plays through the years.

Taking a smart sports investment is like watching the stock market. You can try to pick stocks and bonds on your own or you can heed the advice of trained professionals and hedge funds who have the knowledge and ability to study the ebbs and flows of the market and pinpoint a strategy that is consistent with your financial goals.

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