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Smart Super Bowl betting

By Matthew Martz
For most Super Bowl handicappers, spread and over/under wagers are a no brainer, but at that same time offer very little payouts, as the public’s increased involvement in wagering skews the lines.
So, when it’s time for the Super Bowl, what do football handicappers do?  The answer is simple — diversify.
The Super Bowl is loaded with proposition bets, ranging from who will win the coin toss to who will score the first touchdown.  And while those are good bets, there are better props for serious football handicappers to put their money down on. Here are a few.
One, is betting on various over/unders, like how many yards a quarterback will throw for, or a player’s total rushing yards. These types of  bets are smarter props bets, as can be backed up by stats and facts. They will also offer better value, as Joe Public whose looking for the easy bet will tend to stay away from these types of wagers.
The key here tough is to only bet only on props that offer two outcomes. Anything more drastically lessens a handicappers edge. That’s why bettors need to say away from props like wagering on who will score the first touchdown in the football game, etc.
If a handicapper does decide to wager on a quarterback’s total throwing yards, they need to factor in all the aspects of the game, and hedge their bet if they want to ensure they will be cashing in.  They need to make sure all bets don’t focus on one team.
With that, football bettors need to put some money down on props connected to both Super Bowl contenders.
For example, if a handicapper wagers on one quarterback tossing for more than 300 yards, he or she needs to bet on the other throwing for less than 300 yards. The same is true for receivers and/or running backs. What are the odds of two players from two teams doing the same? Not likely.
With these bets, handicappers are not just guessing, they are placing well-calculated bets, based past performance, matchups, experience and game plans and making sure they stay one step ahead of Vegas.
This school of thought can be utilized on the over/under bets as well. Betting on the over for one team, and the under on the other team.
And while hedge betting on the Super Bowl won’t make a handicapper a killing, it will almost certainly add some money to their present bankroll, or at least can protect their stake and the cash they earned over the course of the regular season.
In the end, the smartest Super Bowl betters will wager a few units on the over/under and spread and then divide up the rest of his or her money on three to five solid props for both sides, having some fun and making a little money on Super Sunday.