"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Soccer Betting Picks Against the Spread

2017 is another banner year thus far for punters and those who have been following the Legend Jonathon Price. The worlds most successful sports bettor is able to translate his success into all sports with his knowledge of how line makers work and European Soccer.

If you want to make money as a punter then the best way to make money is following Jon Prices UEFA and MLS plays. Voted the worlds best soccer handicapper after winning over $125,000 in one week cemented Jon Price into the soccer betting hall of fame. We want you to win and to do so you need to receive the winning picks from the sports information traders soccer syndicate. A betting syndicate is a great way to gain access to top plays without having to spend top dollar to be a part of the profitable club. Betting on your favorite football club is against the most basic betting principles and a top reason why many lose money gambling on soccer in the first place.

The most popular sport in the entire world is one of the least popular in the US both among fans and the majority of the betting public, as well. In one of the easiest sports to handicap, soccer betting picks against the spread have made our international clients millions over the last 5 years in all of the major Soccer leagues… MLS, EPL, LFP, and German Bundesliga.
We are making records with our UEFA and English Premiere league betting so far this season. From Barcelona to Brazil our clients are praising our handicapping skills and the massive amounts of money we have made clients so far. Soccer betting is not an easy game to handicap but after years of practice we have been able to tap the well and piss off Ladbrokes and William Hill by making our mini-punters lots of money with our wagering tips.

In a sport where most of the betting is driven by money line wagers, playing the spread can lead to some insane payouts. Similar to MLB where the money line has made the spread line almost obsolete, but unlike the MLB, the spread line is much more relevant in such a low scoring sport such as professional soccer. Just like baseball, if you know how to play the board, soccer betting picks against the spread can be the biggest money maker out of all of your sports investments.

We don’t focus all of our action on the spread line though, the totals in soccer are also a very worthy investment. No matter what league… MLS, English Premier League, Serie A in Italy, Spanish La Liga, or German Bundesliga, our team has experts on every major league from around the world. With a balanced systematic approach of playing only the best spread lines and mixing in quality totals when the information deems it fit, you can quickly make a killing in soccer.

Learn how to turn soccer into one of your biggest contributors to your sports investment portfolio. Join our professional hadnicappers and industry Sharps now at Sports Information Traders, and see what kind of money you’re missing out on in Soccer Betting Picks against the spread!