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Image result for Sports Betting MacauMacau is a small independent region located west across the large body of water from Hong Kong, and is below South East China. It’s an intensely populated area with approximately 652,500 people living in only a 11.8 square mile area; making it the most densely populated area in the world.

It was first settled in the 1550s by Portuguese traders and was later used as a major trading port. Today it is world famous for its sports betting that is legal in the region.

Since the 1850s, sports betting has been legal under local law in Macau by the Portuguese government, who still control the region after almost 300 years.It was originally introduced in order to stimulate some growth in the country and try to make it a major tourist destination in the world. And it has done exactly that and then-some since its inception. Gambling is Macau’s major drawl, bringing in loads of tourists and those wanting to test their luck at wagering on sports.

Macau’s gambling entertainment is responsible for approximately 50% of the region’s total economy, and provides a lot of jobs, as well, for local residents living in the area where others come to vacation. The biggest demographic here is in large part due to the Chinese nationals due to its adjacent location to China and particularly Hong Kong to the east.

It’s notoriously known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient” around the world, and lives up to its billing in every way. The big lights and glitz around every corner, a beautiful display for patrons visiting the region. It’s as big and flashy as any part of the Las Vegas strip, and it’s high profile players that it drawls are every bit as noteworthy and dangerous as those that frequent the popular Vegas sportsbooks.

The sportsbook casinos there take wagers on a whole wide variety of sporting games from around the world and even in smaller lesser known international leagues. From casino games, lotteries, dog racing, and sports betting… Macau’s sports betting casinos have a little something for anyone looking to try their luck at winning it big by beating the odds.

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