"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Sports Betting Professor

Image result for sports betting professorThe Sports Betting Professor is another new age sports handicapper who depends heavily on formulas and crunching the numbers to come up with their daily picks. Formulas in sports betting picks just simply do not work, and our founder Jon Price is one of the biggest proponents of that  for almost 20 years, and based on the reviews that the Sports Betting Professor gets all over the internet, he should probably go back to the drawing board for his formula because it isn’t putting out the winners to his customers’ satisfaction.

Formulas have shown to get lucky just like most common amateur sports bettors, and clearly not all formulas are created equal. The Sports Betting Professor seems like another product of great marketing and bad picks. Next time you’re considering looking for a new handicapping service to work with, make sure you do your homework to weed out the professionals from the pretenders. Our staff of professionals is among the best in the industry. All three of our industry sharps: Jon Price, Mike Wise, and Dave Michaels are among the most notable in all of sports handicapping. And being apart of a team that’s won 64% overall winners for the last 6 years doesn’t hurt much either. Step up your sports betting picks by trying out the real deal.

Don’t continue to throw away your money on pretenders like the group of sports “handicappers” over at Sports Betting Professor. A simple google search reveals mostly very poor reviews on several different sports betting forum threads. In addition to the typical reviews stating horrible picks and very bad returns on their investment, many people expressed a dissatisfaction with the overall customer service and experience when dealing with the Sports Betting Professor.

Today’s sports picking industry is not based on artificial intelligence, mathematical formulas, or any kind of computer software. While the industry may see its way into that spectrum in a few decades, we are far away from that at this time. Computers and software simply cannot watch the game and make the important analysis one needs to draw from a game in order to base future picks on it. Human error is a huge part of sports. Dropped passes, missed shots, they happen every single game of every single day and they’re always a huge part of whether a game wins or loses. No formulas or software have ever picked above 60% winners for an entire sports season like our own lead handicapper and sports picker, Jon Price has done multiple times in his sports betting career over the last 20 years. Any online service touting some kind of winning sports betting formula or software is simply a scam artist looking to trade you bad losing information for your hard earned money Come straight to the pros who make winning picks on a daily basis and have been featured in many naitonal publications due to our success in our picks over the years. Sign up on our homepage and get started to winning today!

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