"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Sports Betting Service

sports betting serviceEvery season start out the same… Common players think they can pick games on their own, they fall behind early and are stuck playing catchup for the rest of the season, before going completely broke. It’s this false confidence that’s made bookies a lot of money over the years, and lost players even more of it. By time players do swallow their pride and let the professionals manage their sports investing, their max wager is already a small fraction of what it was, and they’re on the cusp of bottoming out with absolutely no room for error.

Sometimes players need to learn the hard way, but it seems like each season repeats the same lesson… Sports wagering is not an amateur sport. It’s for the professionals who know how to play the system.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a  professional sports service is discipline. Our analysts are trained to manage your money in order to cater your wager to the specific information available each night. Losses happen in sports and there’s no way around it, but the only way to be successful in this business is minimize the risk of these low value plays, while winning ALL of your big money plays. Easier said than done for many, but we’ve been doing better than anyone for the last decade.


It’s all about the quality of information you’re receiving. If your source is no good, then your information is no good and likely neither are your sports betting picks on a daily basis. Stop the losing sports betting habit and join a team of professionals with over 30 years combined experience in the field of picking sports betting winners day in and day out for their clients and winning big. You can’t afford to miss out on anymore daily winners like our team here at Sports Information Traders produces everyday.

Lots of people like to throw out winning percentages, and we’re no different as we stand behind our average 64% overall winners, but the real tale of success is how many of those games were big wagers, and how many of them were low risk.

Double Up Plays…

By our estimation, Vegas puts out around 3 extremely high value plays, or “Double Up Plays” every week. The 5% of professional gamblers and services around the world are able to pinpoint these fumbled lines and take full advantage of them. You’ve got to cease the opportunity and be able to let it all ride on the best odds each week. It’s the only way you’ll ever turn sports investing into anything more than a simple hobby.

So now is your chance to join the standard in professional sports investing… Call Sports Information Traders today at 1-866-441-2711, and let one of our analysts show you how working with a professional sports service can make sports investment a legitimate option for your future income. We’ll work with you every step of the way to turn your losing sports bets into a steady source of income for you.