Sports Betting Strategies

Sports Betting Strategies

sports betting strategiesEveryone has their own sports betting strategies or trend that they tend to latch onto, but the best ports betting strategy is to keep an open mind and know that every game is unique to itself, and not relevant to any trends or past results. Particularly with the lower level, unsuccessful sports bettors, they’ll find a state or trend to stick to in all of their plays, and while we fully believe in finding the correlation between the numbers and the outcome of games, finding one simple state like home record against the spread or something, or something of the like, is a way to throw away your bankroll very quickly.

Another fine strategy that some players employ is instead of making one large bet each day, they prefer to spread out their money into various parlays. The thing about parlays is the odds are never in the player’s favor. You’ll lose at least 10 good 3 team parlays before you win one, and after that payout you’re still in the hole. We always advise clients to stay away from parlays. They’re one of the most notorious failed strategies of sports betting around. The biggest problem with parlays is that the more games you pick the worse your odds become. For example if you pick a 5 game parlay, sure the payout may be great, but the odds of you winning all 5 games of that parlay are practically next to none, depending on the specific games you picked, of course.

Another one of the most obvious mistakes to avoid in sports betting is to not bet on your favorite team consistently. Our fandom naturally clouds our judgement and we tend to misperceive the team that we like the most. Not only because we cheet for them, but also because we’re flooded with a lot more information about our local favorite team than say the visiting team from across the country. So due to this, we tend to either overestimate or underestimate a lot of what our own favorite teams can do, which clouds our judgement. It’s easy to avoid this by using a professional handicapper who’s separated themselves from team favorites and cheering for the hometown team.

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