Sports Handicapper

Sports Handicapper

1/10/2016 — Our lead Sports Handicapper here at Sports Information Traders, Jon Price, is renowned around the sports world for his sports betting picks. Finishing in the top spot for 2 of the last 3 NFL seasons for online documented handicappers, Mr. Price is as big of an industry Sharp as there is. His most remarkable season yet took place just two short years ago when he set the NFL on fire with an amazing 68% winning percentage during the 2013-’14 Regular Season.

In addition to Jon Price, we have our own pro and college basketball Sharp, Mike Wise. The 2012 Vegas Handicapping Challenge Champion after posting a 71-35 record during that 2012-’13 NBA Regular Season, Wise is considered one of the leading basketball minds in the country. In addition to being an all-around hoops guru, Wise also holds a strong background in financial management from his time on Wall Street. Another key component to Sports Information Traders’ success over the years, Wise has revolutionized the way we view sports investing with his expert knowledge of sports like basketball, as well as his money management strategies in wagering on plays and how to take advantage of parlays in some instances.

Every sports handicapper thinks it’s all about winning percentage, and while we’re very proud of our current 64% winners annually, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Winning is absolutely essential to being a successful sports handicapper, but it’s the ability to manage your money and know when to go big on a play which has been a huge game changer for us since Mike Wise joined our team years ago. In some instances the name sports handicapper or “sports tout” may have a bad name. Rightfully so they should as there are a lot of sour apples in this industry and we are the first to point them out for their wrongdoings. This is explained in depth in our Vegas Killers Handicappers article. We welcome all SIT Picks clients and potential clients to do their research on us and to read that article.

The reason why we are the best is because we are the best. We take the time and commitment needed to give you that edge and to help you profit. We get paid when you get paid. If we lose you lose as well. Luckily for our handicapping clients the profits outweigh the losses year after year. We have documents from clients this past season signing off on our records because they were so good that most clients wouldnt believe it if they had been burned by an unsavory handicapping service before being lucky enough to work with us.

This is your chance to find out what Jon Price and Mike Wise’ system can do for you. Put the industry Sharps in your pocket and learn how to turn information into profit in sports betting!

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