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Sports Investing Forum

If you’re a seasoned bettor who places sports wagers each and everyday, then it’s likely that you do a fair amount of research and preparation each day for your picks. Many of these everyday bettors use various sources, some of which are online sports investing forums. This is a huge mistake that bettors make on a regular basis. Keep in mind what kind of people are the ones dominating the sports forums… Many times they’re the loser bettors who disregard their inability to pick winners, and insist on their sports knowledge as being indicative of their great handicapping skills.

These are the players who can’t pick a winner to save their life, yet they’re all over the online sports betting forums telling other people who to pick and bringing them down with them. Places like Covers.com are a great example of the inmates running the asylum. It’s one of the largest collections of online sports betting misinformation, and many people lose a lot of money on the bad information passed around on online betting forums.

The forums are a beacon for these kinds of losing players who still think that because they may fair well in sports trivia or know their stats, that their losing is just a sign of bad luck and not reflective of their horrible sports handicapping skills. Forums like Sports Chat Place and Covers bring out the worst of the worst of the losers who spew their non-informed nonsense to other bettors looking for genuine tips on their daily picks. It doesn’t take long of following these sports betting forums before you realize that these blowhards know absolutely nothing about picking winning sports picks on a daily and weekly basis, and the only time you should ever be listening to their opinion is for when you plan on fading their picks.

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