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Sports Investing Profiting from Point Spreads

Sports Investing Profiting from Point SpreadsIn terms of biggest payout for a single game bet, nothing maximizes your wager with the largest possible payout than a play on the point spread of a game. Unless you’re wagering on the moneyline of an underdog pick, or a multi-team parlay, the best odds vs payout combination are by putting your money on a team in a point spread game.

To use an example to better illustrate the advantage, let’s take for instance the Baltimore Ravens are -5 vs the New England Patriots in an NFL matchup. The payout for picking the Ravens -5 is +103, meaning you’ll receive $103 for every $100 you wager. However, if you pick the favored Ravens moneyline, the odds are significantly lower considering that they are expected to win by 5, so the payout odds would only be somewhere around -130. This means that you’ll have to wager $130 in order to win $100.

While the moneyline can be a great payout particularly if you like a specific underdog and expect them to win outright, then it can be a very profitable investment to go in on the underdog. Otherwise, if you’re looking for the best medium of odds of winning combined with largest payout, placing a hefty wager on the point spread is the best and smartest way to invest your money.

There’s plenty of other ways to get creative with your wagers and play with the overall payout and odds of your picks. One example of that is a parlay. In a parlay wager you place multiple bets on games, but you must win all of the games in order to collect. The incentive for a wager of this variety is that the payout is much larger. Given that the odds decrease with every extra game that you add to your parlay, the chances of you winning goes down greatly, and so the casinos compensate and try to drawl people into the parlays with higher payouts. In general, as a basic rule, the harder a wager is to win, the higher the payout will be. Another version of a parlay is a teaser, which works in a similar manner, however you can buy points to change the spread, but this will always diminish your payout some.

Few teams do this better than Jon Price and our team here at Sports Information Traders. Let us show you the trade secrets of maximizing your wagers using the point spread this NFL season and take your bankroll to the next level.

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