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Sports Investing Scams

sports investing scamsIn today’s era of sports betting services, there’s plenty of bad apples that have ruined the name of the business with the fraudulent sports betting systems and the art of sports handicapping, in general. In any industry, there’s plenty of scammers and wanna-be’s, but it seems like sports betting services have more than their fair share of less than reputable services, that people still are fooled by time and time again.

At Sports Information Traders, we back up the hype with our top rated online documented winning percentage of 64% winners for the last 6 years. No other service in the industry can stake claim to such consistent ability to win, and win BIG. Our clients are routinely among the most prepared of any clients in the sports betting community. Our daily Gameday reports are worth their weight in gold, and have all of the information from today’s top betting action, including the trap games to watch out for and stay away from.

One of the most common tricks used by scam services is to put their clients on both side of the game, that way they ensure that half their clients win and that they will collect their fees regardless. Reputable services live and die with their clients. When we don’t win, you don’t pay. Our own founder and lead sports picker Jon Price is a gambling man himself. He’s made several multi-million dollar wagers over the years and won all of them. He’s not the kind of guy to play it safe by spreading out his clients onto both sides of a game. We either want a big pay day for everyone, or nobody’s getting paid. Simple as that. Jon Price is so confident in his picks that he gives to his clients on a daily basis that he also plays his own plays. It’s that kind of confidence in your product that has helped Mr. Price grow his service into the biggest sports handicapping firm in the continental United States.
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