Sports Service Plays

Sports Service Plays

Every season starts out the same for most common, amateur sports bettors… They start off thinking that this is the year they make their picks on their own and make themselves into a successful sports investor. And it usually takes about a month before they’ve realized their error and decide to reach out for our help.

Take this into consideration before trying to wager on your own without the help of a professional resource. Only 5% of sports investors around the world make a profit. That 5% understands the code and system behind picking plays and maximizing wins. Of that 5%, it’s estimated that 4% are bettors using sports service plays, or professional plays.

There is a formula to winning in the world of sports wagering, and there is a systematic, tried and true method of disciplined investing that can build your bankroll over time, but in the end, a lot of it is dependent on winning picks, and nobody does that better than Sports Information Traders.

Our own Jon Price and Mike Wise are our two lead handicappers and over the last 8 years they’ve secured their spot as two of the best sports handicappers in the country. In 2012 Mike Wise won the Vegas Handicapping Challenge Champion after posting a 71-35 record through the duration of the NBA season, while our lead handicapper, Jon Price has been known around many circles as the “Handicapper to the Stars,” as his client list includes some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and other high ranking execs. Our two in-house Sharps are our secret weapon and the sole reason why we’ve been able to sustain such consistency in winning over the last decade.

Our team is in a class of their own when it comes to Sports Handicapping and picking sports betting winners at a consistent rate for our clients. Billions of dollars are wagered each and every year based on Jon Price’s sports betting tips, and he’s won his clients a fortune over the last decade in the gambling industry. Stop giving money to the know-nothings of the industry with a nice sales pitch and a website… Jon Price has been featured in national publications across the country from Forbes to the Huffington Post and everything in between including a number of nationally syndicated radio program. Now is your time to stop your losing gambling habit and join a winning team of sports betting experts who will help guide you through the betting process on a daily basis and help you determine your wagers day in and day out. We’re the only people with access to our winning information on a daily basis, because Jon Price spares no expense in retaining the best sources.
Our sports service plays win at an average of 64% winners annually, that’s a world away from the common, amateur player who wins around 45% of their wagers. Given that one must win at least 52% to make up for the fee taken away by the bookmakers for juice, amateur players rarely make it past the first month before going bankrupt. With our 64% winners combined with a successful strategy for deciding on when to go big and when to play it safe, our professional sports service plays can help you live the dream by profiting heavily from wagering on sports. Get in today and learn within the first few months, how to become a successful sports investor.

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