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Online Arkansas Sports Betting Options 2021

Arkansas is another state where sports and sports betting is immensely popular. That popularity has grown exponentially since 2018 when the state legislatures legalized casinos and sports gambling. The end of betting prohibition has been a huge boom for the state’s economy and also enables their residents to easily place wagers either at any of their local casinos, as well as on the internet using online sportsbooks.

There are plenty of sports betting options throughout the state but we took the time to look at some of the best online sportsbook options specifically for Arkansas residents…

1. BetWay

One of the relatively new popular online sportsbooks is Betway. It was founded in 2006 and quickly grew in popularity over the last decade from its top notch customer service and easy payouts. Their headquarters is based in Malta and Guernsey, and they have customer support teams located from London, Cape Town to the Isle of Man, and Betway is also a current member of the European Sports Security Association.

Betway allows Arkansas residents to bet on a long list of professional International sports leagues including European Football, Cricket, and the Korean Baseball League. For any bettor looking to increase their odds and shop around for the best available betting odds, Betway is a great place to start. Sign up today and get a 100% match of your initial deposit (up to $250).

2. Bodog

One of the longest standing and most universally popular online sportsbooks is Bodog. They’ve been a round since the beginning of the online sports betting craze and have always been one of the best online sports betting options for Arkansas residence.

Bodog is more than an online sportsbook, they have a very large live casino community where you can play a long list of casino games such as poker and blackjack. Their customer service is among the best in the industry and they’re regularly ranked towards the top spot as one of the most reputable, trusted online sportsbooks in the world.

They always have a variety of sign up and deposit bonuses for new customers and their payout policy is straight forward and relatively fast. While you may have to wait up for a week for your winnings to be withdrew, they’re still among the best online sports betting experiences available to Arkansas bettors.

3. BetOnline

Another online sportsbook that’s especially great for Arkansas residence is Betonline.ag. Regularly ranked towards the top of the best online sportsbooks and online casinos in the world, Betonline gives you an easy to use interface to wager on every major professional sporting league from around the world. From cricket, soccer, rugby, football and everything in between, Betonline gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Betonline is also known for its solid introductory promotions, which they change regularly. From 100% deposit matching to bonus betting money for depositing bitcoin into your account, they allow you to choose your own rewards.

The site features typical casino games as well as live betting, horse racing, and e-sports. E-sports is quickly becoming one of the most heavily wagered on sports in the world. It’s hard finding a reputable online sportsbooks that currently takes their action, but Betonline is one of the best options for Arkansas residence to wager on their favorite e-sports.


Currently BetNow is running a 100% sign up bonus on your first deposit for all new members. Great weekly promotions like that are why BetNow is the fourth best online sportsbook option for people living in Arkansas. Great customer service, easy to navigate user interface, plus betting options for every major professional sports league in the world… BetNow should definitely among your choices when looking for a new book.

They also offer a wide variety of specials that you can choose from, instead of just offering a single promotion each week like many online books. Choose your own deposit bonus and get started on betting on sports like European Football, Cricket, Korean Baseball, American Football, Horse Racing, and even Tennis.

5. BetUs

BetUs is one of the biggest and well-known online sportsbooks in the world and a great choice for any Arkansas resident looking to wager on sports. They offer various betting options for practically every international sporting league on the globe. From Australia to Korea and South America, they offer every game happening in the world for you to wager on. With that many options to choose from, it’s easy to tilt the odds in your favor and shop around for the most advantageous play.

Like Betonline.ag and a few others, BetUs also offers E-sports betting options, which is exploding in popularity over recent years. Any Arkansas residence looking to wager on your favorite E-sports team or game, BetUs is among the best options available. They also offer a variety of promotions for new sign-ups and have fast payouts. Combined with their great customer support, BetUs is certainly one of the top choices for people in Arkansas to wager on sports.

How Do We Rank Our Sportsbooks?

When we started combing through the hundreds of online sportsbook options available for Arkansas residents we took into account a number of variables with different weights of importance. From the speed and ease of payouts, to their monthly promotional offers, customer service, and betting options, we left no stone unturned in our grading review of each site.

Easy, Fast Payouts

Every site we’ve listed above meets our high criteria for payouts. So many less than reputable online sportsbooks these days make it nearly impossible for you to withdraw your winnings. None of these sites try to control your payouts and make you wait like some of the more shady sites. Expect any payout from your winnings to be processed and in your bank account by 7 days tops, if not sooner.

Number of Betting Options

Every player likes options. Not only do they help you tilt the odds in your favor by loading up on only the best options, but it also allows you to spread out your options if you wish. From the number of sports they offer to the various betting formats and prop bets, we ensure that all of these top sportsbook options for Arkansas sports bettors have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Great Customer Support

Dealing with online customer support is usually rather hit or miss, but not with our list. We’ve already done all the work for you in preparing this list of companies with only the best customer support reputations. All of them have both phone number options and online live chat support for you to ask any questions, and they’re very responsive when it comes to submitting questions.

Ready to Get Started?

This is your chance to find a new online place to bet on sports. Sign up for one, or all of them to take advantage of the various sign up promotions. Each has their own strengths and perks, it’s best for Arkansas sports bettors to shop around and try them all before settling on a final choice and placing their first wager. Once you’re ready to go, come back to SportsInformationTraders.com for your winning sports betting information.