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Online Georgia Sportsbook Options 2021

While Georgia is rather conservative when it comes to its strict statewide sports betting laws, with a complete ban on any in-person sports wagering at casinos or any other establishment. However, they have always allowed their local residence to use online offshore sportsbooks to place their betting action legally. With this is mind, our team went through hundreds of online sportsbook options and picked out our top 5 that we believe are the absolute best option specifically for Georgia sports bettors.

1. BetUs

As with most states in the country, BetUs is always considered one of the top options. They’ve been around since the earliest era of online sports betting and have continued to set the standard in a fast growing online industry. Over 25 years of reputable service as one of the best of the best online sportsbooks. BetUs should always be among your top considerations for Georgia residence looking to place money on sports.

Whether it be your favorite regional league or even an international football league in Europe, BetUs gives you practically every betting option available to US bettors. They also offer a wide variety of consistently changing promotional offers for new sign ups, as well as live dealer and casino game options for all Georgia residence.

2. BetNow

Fast and easy sign up, with BetNow you can have your account ready to go within minutes and placing your first action today. It’s that easy. They also have some of the best customer service available in the industry for those of you needing any assistance with your sign up or depositing funds. Speaking of depositing funds, they also have some of the best introductory deposit match offers in the industry. They currently have a 100% sign up bonus, which is always hard to beat.

A+ customer support, as well as online live chat options and betting options for every international sporting league in the world…. It’s easy to see why BetNow is routinely ranked towards the top of the best sportsbooks in the world. And especially for Georgia residence looking to skirt the local laws and instead place their wagers in a trustworthy online book.

3. Bodog

Bodog is as reputable as reputable gets, as they’ve been building their reputation of top notch quality service over the last 20+ years of service in the online sports betting industry. They always have a variety of sign up and promo bonuses for new clients to take advantage of, and they also are never in short supply of betting options for their Georgia online betting customers.

Horse racing, casino games, live dealers, poker, and all the typical sports betting options a georgia resident could hope for, Bodog is considered one of the leading service in the world. Sign up today to take advantage of their sign up bonuses and get started on your sports wagering immediately.

4. MyBookie

Reputable and trustworthy are two words that describe our next top sportsbook option for Georgia residence. MyBookie is one of the best services in the world, with fast and easy payout options and stellar deposit promo specials to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong with MyBookie.

They’re constantly offering different promotional offers for new clients and trying to lure clients away from other books with their amazing bonuses. They currently have a special that offers a bonus of up to $1,000 on your first initial sign up deposit, which is a no brainer for Georgia sports bettors in the market for a new sportsbook to place their wagers with.

5. BetWay

Betway has every possible international betting option Goergia bettors could hope for. E-sports has quickly exploded onto the scene, and many bettors are eager to get in on the action. Betway is one of the few reputable books that currently offers e-sports wagering for international clients.

While you’re there checking out their e-sports betting options, may as well checkout their 100% deposit bonus match for your first betting deposit. While the bonus is limited up to $250, that’s still a great offer for new customers, and definitely worth the consideration when combined with their great customer support and easy to navigate user-interface.

How Do We Rate Our Sportsbooks?

We provide only the best of the best online sportsbooks for our Georgia sports bettors looking for a place to place their wagers. Our team took into consideration a number of criteria including the payout withdraws, the various betting options available for customers, as well as the overall customer support reputation. Below you’ll find more details on our criteria and what it takes to make the list.

Ease of Payouts

You work hard for your money, you shouldn’t have to pull teeth in order to get your money out of your account after you’ve won. But that’s the case for so many offshore online sportsbooks in today’s industry. However, our list provides only the most reputable services with the easiest, no hassle payouts with your funds being available within days.

Betting Options

The more odds you have to choose from means the better the odds are in your favor of winning. Every sportsbook provided above gives its clients more than plenty of international sporting leagues to wager on, as well as every type of bet available. From parlay plays to teasers and just simple straight bets… Every one of these online sportsbooks are exceptional in their options they provide to clients.

Great Customer Support

Customer service is often overlooked in many online foreign businesses today, but our team knows the importance of great customer care and support. Most of these online books at least offer phone support options, while many also even have live online chat support options, as well. Dealing with offshore books can be tricky sometimes, it’s best to find a book who is easy to communicate with.

Ready to Get Started?

You’ve done your research, read our list, and compared your various options… Now it’s time to decide which online sportsbook is best for you. If you’re living in Georgia and looking for a loophole to still wager on sports without any legal casinos around, then our list of the top online sportsbooks is where you need to start your search. Sign up with multiple ones and spread around your action, or just pick one to focus on, you can’t go wrong with any of our choices in our top ranked online sportsbooks for Georgia residence.