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Sports Betting New Hampshire – Online New Hampshire Sports Betting Options 2021

As of December 30th, 2019, sports betting is fully legal across the state of New Hampshire, enabling New Hampshire sports bettors to wager on the state-sanctioned DraftKings app, in addition to other online books. New Hampshire is far ahead of the curve when it comes to sports betting rights for their citizens. Below we took a look at some of the top 5 online sportsbook options for those New Hampshire sports bettors that aren’t able to make it out to the casino to place their bets.

1. BetUs

The only American based online sportsbook on our top 5 list comes in at number one for our New Hampshire sports bettors… BetUs. The only online “offshore” book that’s actually located here in the US with their main head quarters in San Jose, California. Having a home base in the US is a huge advantage for BetUs, as the only company with a US presence, they instantly gain reputation and quality points by being relatively local.

Not only do they have a US based office and US based customer support which is exceptional to say the least, but they also have access to all of the major betting International markets from every corner of the world. From Asia to Australia and obviously the American sports leagues, too, BetUs has every betting option New Hampshire bettors could hope for.

Stellar customer support, flawless reputation, fast and easy payouts, as well as solid weekly promotional offers that change regularly… It’s easy to see why BetUs lands at our top spot for New Hampshire sports bettors in the market for a new online betting platform.

2. MyBookie

A company that’s already a juggernaut across the pond in Europe, but is still building its name in the states in MyBookie. A very clean and easy to use interface, solid weekly promotional offers for new sign ups, and a healthy reload bonus for those returning for their second deposit are a few reasons why MyBookie lands at the second spot on our list for New Hampshire sports bettors.

Their currently first time sign up offer of up to $1,000 match of your first deposit is a great deal and one that helps you get some free betting ammunition before you’ve even placed your first wager. Sign up today to get in on that offer and get more bang for your buck when using MyBookie.

One of the best online user experiences, solid promos each week including their current one, and also other features such as live casino games and horse racing make MyBookie a force to be reckon with in the online gaming industry. While they’re still building their US customer basis, they’re rapidly expanding and will be coming for the top spot soon enough.

3. Bovada

Founded back in 2011 in Canada, Bovada has everything you’d come to expect from one of the best online sportsbooks in the world. Quality customer service that compares favorably to any in the industry… Something you’d probably expect from a friendly Canadian based service.

Great customer care isn’t the only thing Bovada has to deserve the 3rd spot on our list for New Hampshire sports bettors. They also have plenty of extra features for players to play outside of the sportsbook such as a live casino with all your typical card games such as Hold em, 7 Card stud, Omaha, and many more. If cards aren’t your thing, then they also have an impressive online horse racing lounge where you can bet on horse races happening all over the country.

4. BetNow

One of the premier online sportbsook services in all of Europe is quickly getting a bigger piece of the pie in the states, as well lately. Over the last 10 years BetNow has exploded in popularity in the US and continues to grow its presence by the month. Their biggest drawl is their super crisp and clean online interface as well as their 100% deposit match bonus which is the best offer out of any currently available in our top 5 sportsbook list.

Like many of the other top services on our list, BetNow also has fast and easy payout options for customers. And while many services will try to make you wait over a week to two weeks for your funds, BetNow has a hassle free cash out policy that allows you to get your winnings in no later than 7-10 business days. Sign up today to take advantage of that 100% deposit bonus and get twice the bang for your buck when you start your sports betting online.

5. BetOnline

Originated in Panama City back in 2004, BetOnline is another one of our most reputable services for New Hampshire sports bettors in the market for a new book. Over the last two decades they’ve grown into one of the most well respected offshore services in the world and have the flawless reviews and reputation to back it up.

Like a few other books on our top list, BetOnline is one of the few spots that currently offers players the ability to wager on E-sports leagues. Particularly big in Asia, E-sports is rapidly spreading across the globe, as is currently the fast growing sport over the last decade. With so many people flocking to E-sports games, it’s odd that so few online betting platforms have been slow to adopt it for their clients, but Betonline is ahead of the game and has already been allowing their customers to wager on E-sports for quite some time now.

How Do We Rank Our Sportsbooks?

Our team combed through countless online sportsbook options when coming up with our list for the top 5 choices for New Hampshire sports bettors. We graded each respective sportsbook on things such as the ease of their payout options, their overall customer support and online interface experience, their weekly promotional offers they have for new sign ups, as well as the number of betting options that allow their clients access to.

1. Fast and Easy Payouts

You work hard for your money, you should be able to retrieve it out of your online sportsbook whenever you choose. However, that’s not the case for much of the online gambling industry. Plenty of shady tactics at play to keep you from withdrawing your funds into your bank account. Our team doesn’t accept that. Our list is comprised of only the most well respected services who don’t have any shady practices such as makng it difficult for you to get your money out of your account.

2. Number of Betting Options

Sports bettors fortunes are won and lost on the number of betting options they have available to them sometimes. Whether you prefer to link picks together in a parlay play or if you prefer to tweak the lines with a tweaser pick… All of our top book selections give you every possible betting tool and feature in order for you to maximize your betting bank roll and overall experience.

3. Customer Service

Customer service has taken a nose dive over the last 20 years, especially in the world of online sports betting sites. Many companies outsource their support services to foreign countries, making it even more difficult to get answers when you have questions. However, our list has some of the best support in all of the internet. You can find a number of different communication forms from email and phone to even live online chat options for their customers.

Ready to Wager?

Now that you’ve checked out our list of the top 5 online offshore sportsbooks for New Hampshire sports bettors, it’s time to get started with your wagers. Compare and contrast the options above and circle the ones that you think most appeal to you and your style of betting. Maybe you prefer a great, easy to use interface, or maybe you value more the sign up bonuses for new players…. Whatever gets you going, our top choices is sure to have something for you. Once you’ve decided on a primary book, come back and talk to our team here for all of your picks against the spread.

Comparing the Top 3 New Hampshire Online Sports Betting Sites

Years in Service?27510
Sign Up Bonus?100% up to $2,500100% up to $25050% up to $250
Reload Bonus?150% up to $7,50025% up to $500N/A
In-Play Betting?YesYesYes
Online Casino?YesYesYes
Phone Support?YesYesYes
Live Chat?YesYesYes

What Areas of New Hampshire Wager on Sports the Most?

According to the Google Trends for sports betting searches in the state of New Hampshire, most of the state’s sports is from Boston MA players, with Burlington VT in a close second. And Portland ME rounding the top 3 in the state.

Based on the Google Trends, here’s a list of the Top 3 metropolitan areas that wager on sports the most over the last 5 years in New Hampshire:

  1. Boston MA
  2. Burlington VT
  3. Portland ME

Where to Bet on Sports in New Hampshire

While you can currently wager on sports in New Hampshire from the state-licensed DraftKings mobile app, many people still prefer the bonuses and other perks of online sportsbooks. However, for those looking to place sports wagers in-person, they’ll have to travel out of state. Here’s a look at some of the neighboring state’s betting options:


Currently no legal, in-person sports betting locations.


Despite recent legislative pushes, in-person sports betting is still banned in Maine.


Similar to Maine, they’ve made recent legislative pushes but in-person sports wagering is still illegal under state law.

Closest Option

Rhode Island

While the directly adjacent states to New Hampshire are all still illegal sports betting states, the next closest sportsbook destination is further south in Rhode Island. The closest option is the casino in the town of Lincoln in northern Rhode Island:

Lincoln,  – Twin River Casino Hotel

Directions from Manchester, NH:

1. Get on I-93 S

2. Follow I-93 S, I-95 S and I-295 S to RI-246 N/Old Louisquisset Pike in Lincoln. Take exit 4 A from RI-146 S

3. Turn right onto RI-246 N/Old Louisquisset Pike

Professional Sports Teams in New Hampshire

While New Hampshire is home to a few minor league teams, they do not have any professional sports teams, currently.

Popular New Hampshire College Team(s)

• New Hampshire Wildcats• Dartmouth Big Green

Top New Hampshire College Team’s Average Attendance

• New Hampshire Wildcats – FootballWildcat Stadium10,105
• Dartmouth Big Green – FootballMemorial Field5,596

New Hampshire – Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! As of December 30th, 2019, New Hampshire residents are able to wager on sports within the state, and the state also has more than a few casino/sportsbook locations.
NHL Hockey is the leader as the most popular sport in New Hampshire. The Boston Bruins are quite popular throughout the New England area.
Yes. You can wager online at any authorized online sportsbook or casino.
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