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If the top four offensive linemen are any indicator, the 2018 college football season will undoubtedly leave spectators at the edge of their seats. Although offensive linemen typically go unrecognized for their contributions, they remain at the heart of the game. These players must block the defensive line from reaching their quarterback and receivers to aid in the completion of each play. No easy feat, even when attempted by the following top four offensive linemen for the 2018 college football season.

Trey Adams

Although an injury left Trey Adams of the Washington Huskies sidelined much of last season, he has much to contribute to the team when in peak health. At over 300 pounds and 6’8” tall, Adams’ menacing stature makes him a valuable part of the offensive line. He is well-known for his talent as a blocker on the field. He works hard to protect his teammates while preventing the offensive line from losing ground. As past performance has shown, great things are sure to come as Adams heals from his ACL injury and returns to the field.

Mitch Hyatt

Mitch Hyatt has acted as the backbone of the Clemson University Tigers for the past four years. He was invaluable as a protector of the quarterback, Deshaun Watson, in his first year with the team – And his performance has only improved since then. He plays a solid role in the offensive line’s ability to keep scoring despite the efforts of the opposing team. So much so that Hyatt received the Jacobs Blocking Trophy for his excellent performance on the field in the 2017 season.

Beau Benzschawel

Beau Benzschawel started playing tight end in high school to end up as an incredibly valuable offensive linemen for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. He regularly started on the offensive line due to his amazing ability to block the other players from reaching the quarterback or receivers. Eventually, he earned his permanent position there to best support the needs of his team. With 2018 marking the end of Benzschawel’s college days, his exemplary performance has him flagged as a potential first round pick in the 2019 NFL draft.

Dalton Risner

Protecting passes from the opposing team is where Kansas State University Wildcats star, Dalton Risner, really shines. He utilizes his brute force to effectively create pathways for the completion of the passes to his teammates. He has a well-rounded playing style that allows him to fluidly support the needs of his teammates at any given moment. No matter where he is on the field, his superb performance deserves a close look as the competition heats up this season.
College Football Odds Rest on the Players’ Performance This Season
With college football odds firmly resting on the players’ performance on the field, keeping a close eye on the leading contenders reveals a lot about upcoming wins and losses. The leading offensive linemen of the 2018 college football season definitely have enough heart and drive to achieve victory, but a lot rests on the players in the other positions. Only time will tell if college football odds will reveal these leading offensive linemen as the players capable of making the playoffs and winning the championship.