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College Basketball Teams Worth Betting On


The best time of the year is almost upon us. The big betting opportunities of March Madness starts in just over a month from now. One big skill is to be able to pick out the best teams to wager on come March. If you just bet straight up on all of the favorites then you can make some money but the biggest earnings opportunities are betting big on upsets that can be spotted with great regular season scouting.

The Cinderella teams that play good no matter how little attention they receive. Those are the teams and opportunities for you to earn big bucks. If you want help and are not currently working with sports information traders then you should look into signing up with a service that can help you pick up on great betting value opportunities.

NCAA basketball cappers should follow a few of these quick and easy helpful tips to guide you through the post-season.

  • Check out the strength of teams they are playing in the post season
  • Which teams are playing rivals
  • Who is playing at home and who is playing away
  • Which injuries have players that are questionable
  • How well is a team playing in the post season

There are so many variables that you can examine and look at when betting on basketball. We put all of this into an algorithm and pair that with numerous other factors that have been tested by time.