Super Bowl 51 Total Wagers of $138.5 Million

A Las Vegas, Nevada record of legally wagered money on Super Bowl 51. Total handle of $138.5 million is another Nevada State record

Year after year we hear of another record being broken. This year it happened again. The Nevada Gaming Control Board officially announced the new record of $138.5 million dollars bet on in the state of Nevada. The sports books took in a total profit of $10.9 million that day with a 7.9 win percentage. The bets this year were overall much smaller than normal. At Harveys Hotel and Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada their biggest wager was $33,000 as confirmed by their sportsbook manager.

For Super Bowl 50’s game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos took in a then record of $132.5 million. 2017 eclipsed that number by 6 million dollars. The sports betting picks industry and sports gambling industry continues to grow and thrive despite being only legal in so many formats.

The Patriots closed as 3-point favorites and minus-137 on the money line at the MGM Grand Sportsbook in Las Vegas, Nevada by the time kick off happened. The total closed at 57 after opening up higher at 59 for most of last week and sat steady at 58.5 points until the Saturday before the big game. If it sat at 59 and the game ended on that it would have been days for people waiting to get their money back because of a push.

The bookmakers wanted a win for the Patriots and hitting the over and thats exactly what ended up happening. Teasers and a few proposition bets turned out negatively for the bookmakers but there was far too much money on the Falcons and under for them to turn a profit had that not happened.

Super Bowl 51 was filled with bad beats and proposition bets that should have covered that fell short once the Patriots comeback started. Sports Information Traders clients ended up being profitable going 4 out of 10 with 8 out of 10 props covering going into the 4th quarter. The biggest public bet this year was a $1 million dollar wager on the Falcons. One bettor had a 100-1 ticket for the Falcons looking to cash 7 figures on their win. The NFL Network has a little fun fact and stat that since 1991 teams trailing by 25 or more points have a record of 5 – 1,057. The Patriots most astonishing fact is that they won Super Bowl 51 without ever leading in the entire game.

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