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Tips for betting on NFL teams coming off a bye week this season

First, if a team is winless heading into their bye, handicappers will want to pay attention. Because a team that hasn’t won a game, or has lost several in row, can really benefit from having a couple of days to get away, practice, prepare and rebuild confidence. Bettors need to keep in mind, that a better attitude usually equals more wins or covered spreads as an underdog.
That can be especially true or a team that has been set by oddmakers to be  a home field underdog. Often times these team’s aren’t getting any respect from the betting public, but again, an extra week of practice and rest can help a team overcome, making these situations profitable or handicappers that can spot them. However, bettors also need to exercise caution here if a home underdog is coming off a bye but playing a road favorite. Particularly one that is coming off a bye week of their own.

Things To Look For when Betting off a Bye Week

When you are wagering on a team coming off of a bye week you understand that there are statistics that show how a team has played recently. You should also look for:

  • Previous history of playing off a bye week on the road
  • Previous history of playing off a bye week at home
  • Days of rest in between games for opponent
  • Injury reports for both teams
Speaking of that, handicappers need to pay attention to road favorites after a bye, as in order to be a road favorite in the NFL, a team has to either be really good or playing a really terrible team. Sometimes it can be both. When this happens, the best play here is for handicappers to go with the road favorite coming off a bye, as they are consistently more successful against the spread than the average football team.
Next, NFL bettors need to be able to spot teams that may be struggling, but only need modest adjustments that can be made during a simple week off. Sometimes a football team is fundamentally good, but can have minor problems.
For example, maybe their secondary is caught out of position too often, or maybe their offensive line is not creating the gaps needed that its star running back needs to  really breakout. Or perhaps a new wide receiver isn’t in sync with the quarterback yet.
If a handicapper can spot problems and determine if a football team could be a whole new team after their break, he or she could be sitting on some real value.
Finally, teams with player attitude issues can often times benefit from a bye week, as they get a chance to step away from practice, and the never-ending strain of media attention.
Often times when players return, they are more relaxed and recharged.

However, players or teams with major attitude problems, will probably not benefit from something as minor as a bye week, so NFL handicappers should stay away.