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Tips for betting on the Pro Bowl

It’s hard enough for even the most diehard football fan to get too excited about the annual Pro Bowl game, even harder for NFL bettors to get excited about betting on the game.
In fact, most bettors don’t even waste their time or money wagering on the Pro Bowl. But there are some factors that football handicappers might want to consider before totally ignoring the urge to place a wager on this ceremonial game.
First, they need to look at each year’s game as being different than the previous year, and with that in mind look closely at the rosters for each team.  Always looking for players on one side that may opt out of the game because they don’t care, are playing in the Super Bowl or are too injured to play.
Roster attrition is a fact of life in the Pro Bowl, and is usually spread reasonably evenly between the two sides. However, one side could be more affected than the other could by having more players in the Super Bowl or suffering more injuries to key starters.  Those situations can force organizers to bring in many more alternates, lowering the caliber of talent on one team. This could make for an attractive bet.
Second, bettors need to consider the motivation factor for both teams, as some players may be more excited than others. Like a player who has never been there before, versus a mutli-pro bowler or player who is arriving after a tough playoff loss.
Next, handicappers need to apply the two regular NFL season betting factors.
First asking if the action is heavily skewed towards one team. Because there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Pro Bowl, one team might look that much better than the other on paper to the public, and therefore the betting action will be heavily tilted towards one team.
The line will likely be somewhat inflated, so bettors could be getting a reasonably attractive line to go with.
Finally, handicappers need to search for attractive prop bets.
One of the easiest ways to profit on a Pro Bowl prop is to bet on key player matchups, keying in a players motivation, familiarity with teammates and coaches, or style of play.
Prop bets are a little easier to handicap than the over under or spread in this case, because there are far fewer unknowns and uncertainties to factor in.
Smart football handicappers should never overlook the profitability of betting on the Pro Bowl, and following these four simple factors should help make the annual game more fun.