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Tips for in-game football betting

For today’s football handicapper, there are still some wagering options long after the game’s kicked off. In fact, a lot of the most valuable sports betting opportunities exist just after a game has begun.

That’s because of the always increasing number of in-game betting options offered by online sportsbooks.

And while there is a myriad of traditional in-game betting options, there are some new ones, that when the right set of circumstances occur, can make sense to wager on.

With that, here are a few situations when in-game betting makes sense.

The first thing that comes to mind is a key player getting injured. This can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game, and in-game betting can be a great way for handicappers to take advantage of these injuries as soon as they occur.

And while some injuries, like a team’s QB going down will be noticed by all, more subtle injuries like a key offensive lineman or cornerback can be just as impactful, and the lines will often be slower to adjust. If handicappers can notice this quickly, there may be some good value.

Keeping in the injuries vein, handicappers often have a hard time trying to determine what impact an injury to a key player will have on a team before the game even starts. These are the injuries that occur the week leading up to the game. With in-game betting, bettors can watch and see what impact the injury has and then place their wager accordingly.

How to Handicap With In Game Wagering

Next, if a handicapper doesn’t feel good about a bet he or she made after a game has started, in-game betting can allow them to hedge their bet. You can check the latest halftime football odds here and talk with an adviser or analyst on the best wager to put in.

Like picking the other side, to decrease the risk of loss on the original bet. But bettors beware not to flinch too early when hedging a bet, as it can be very frustrating when the original bet turns out to be a winner.

However, hedging can be a safety net when handicappers need to adjust when a game’s pace of play changes dramatically.

For example, when a team explodes offensively to start a game, but slows down as the opposition’s defense tightens up as the game progresses. Or maybe a team lets their foot off the gas too early.

In these situations the betting public never notices or assumes nothing, and oddsmakers often have to set their lines and totals with that in mind.

Handicappers that have good reasons to believe that the rest of a game is going to differ significantly from what has already happened, should take advantage and turn their insight into profits.

Finally, in-game betting is a good way to increase a handicappers’ investment.

For instance, a handicapper had a strong feeling about a football game heading into it, but held back and didn’t bet accordingly. But once the game got started, there opinion was increased, they could increase the amount they bet on the game to further leverage their opinion.