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Top 10 Most Influential Sports Betting Radio Shows

10 best sports betting radio showsIn today’s sports betting community, so many bettors are searching for that edge or special resource that’s going to help them cash in on their picks. From local talk hosts to nationally syndicated sports personalities, there’s more than plenty to choose from. Many like to depend on the more popular, nationally syndicated hosts under the assumption that if they’re popular, they most know what they’re doing and be good at their sports information and analysis. However, those hosts are usually popular because of their entertainment factor, not because of their exceptional sports picks.

On the radio, it’s a similar landscape to that of the sports personalities on television. It’s sometimes the louder hosts, not the more informed, that seem to pull the biggest audiences and have the largest influence. Our own lead picker and owner of Sports Information Traders, Jon Price, is one of those nationally syndicated radio personalities who offers his sports betting insight each and every week on various shows that air across the country. In order to save you some time, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most reliable and well-informed sports radio personalities for you to check out next time you’re preparing to make your weekly sports picks.

1. Jon Price – Call it bias, but Jon Price has by far the best winning percentage at 64% than any other sports radio personality. He not only gives out winning picks, but offers some of the best analysis and insight into the games. Jon Price’s program has won more people money than all of the other hosts combined and is also a world famous sports bettor in his own right who often bets on his own information that he provides to clients on a daily basis.

2. Jim Rome – It seems that most people either love Jim Rome, or hate him… Not much gray area. But regardless of your personal opinion of him, he puts out quality sports information to his listeners and offers a no nonsense opinion that is refreshing in today’s pop-media climate.

3. Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic – Two hosts that strike a good balance between entertainment and actual sports information are the hosts of Mike and Mike in the Morning. Much of their program is lighthearted in its nature, but make no mistake, these guys both have solid sports insight, especially in the NFL, and offer some solid advice and information.

4. Mike Francesca – One of the most popular sports hosts in New York, when he speaks, people take note. Mike is a great resource for sports information except when it comes to New York teams which he usually is heavily bias towards.

5. Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton – A solid one-two punch with another former NFL player, these two offer straightforward opinions and relevant sports betting information that can help you prepare for each week’s games. Although it is based in New York, their show is syndicated across a number of other statins throughout the country.

6. Dan Patrick – Maybe not the most entertaining show with Dan’s slow, calculated delivery, but as a man that’s did his time with some of the largest sports publications in the country, Dan knows his sports as good as anyone. He also is able to offer unique insight and information that few other hosts have access to, given his long tenure in the industry.

7. Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti – The Boston based sports radio show is the leading source in the New England region for everything sports. Doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for scoring updates or real betting insight, if you live in New England, chances are that you get your information from this duo.

8. Angelo Cataldi – Another big personality in the realm of sports media, Angelo’s show is based in the Philadelphia area and is always a solid choice for both entertainment and sports betting news and information.

9. Dan Le Batard – Many people are familiar with Dan Le Batard from his time on Pardon the Interruption on ESPN, and many can’t stomach his style and deliver, but regardless of your personal feelings on Dan, he puts out a quality program with relevant betting information for people.

10. Mike Missanelli – The other big Philadelphia personality behind Angelo Cataldi, Mike offers no nonsense insight and entertainment for each week’s sports news and events. Though he’s heavily partial towards Philadelphia sports, Mike is still a great resource for all sports that don’t involve his beloved Philadelphia teams.