Vegas Experts

Vegas Experts

vegas expertsThe Vegas experts that set the line each and every week are among the best sports minds in the country. They make the line, while sports bettors and handicappers alike all await every week to play their own hand at beating the Vegas sports experts.

Most of these sports experts are all employed by the biggest casinos on the strip in order to minimize their losses and to create a line that will drawl as many people on one team as it does to the opposing team. It’s extremely hard to do, and it’s something that they do extremely well. It’s in the best interest of the casino’s sportsbook for the line to be precise enough that the game ends in a push, resulting in all of the bettors getting their money back except for the juice fee paid to the casino for the wager. By taking the juice and giving bettors back their money, this ensures that the bettors will most likely place that money again down on another wager, allowing the casino to take more juice from the bettor.

Our own Jon Price has spent time in a vegas as one of these Vegas expert line makers, and he continues to beat his old colleagues today. Being a Vegas expert isn’t just about what you know, but it’s about who you know and the resources you have at your disposal. There’s infinite variables going into every play of every day, and it takes more than one brilliant mind to crack the code of winning consistently at sports betting.

In addition to the line makers in Vegas, you’re also picking against the entire betting public each week since they are who ultimately decides where the line ends up. Knowing how to read whether it’s the public betting that’s moving a line, or if it’s the smart money of the sharp sports bettors is always the most key skill that separates the informed, successful sports bettors from the losing degenerates.

The Vegas bookmakers will introduce the line, then as the public betting starts to come in, they’ll then adjust the line to entice equal number of bettors on each side of the game. This ensures that the casino doesn’t lose money and makes most of its profit for the juice fee from each wager. In the end, the Vegas experts and their Vegas sportsbooks always win. Join the professionals here at Sports Information Traders today and let us show you the ins and outs of being a sustained and disciplined success story in your own personal sports wagers.

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