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Vegas Gets Hammered Week 1 of the NFL Season

In opening week of the NFLs 2015 season the favorites went 9-4 on Sunday and 80% of william Hills betting picks were for the Green Bay Packers to cover and they did over the Chicago Bears. This was the worse opening weekend for sportsbooks in history and that is all thanks to Jon Price advising his clients on who to bet on.

Last year the best season ever for Las Vegas oddsmakers was 103.7 Million dollars made in Vegas for the 2014-2015 NFL season. That does not include the billions of dollars traded across the rest of the world.

More tickets bet on Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 but 2.5 times more money bet on the St. Louis Rams in week 1 where the Rams won outright in overtime. The sharps took the Rams and the squares bet on the Seahawks as they thought two time Super Bowl visits would relate to a big win in game one on the road.

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