"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Vegas Insider

One of the best and most professional tools for any serious handicapper is Vegas Insider ant VegasInsider.com. Our team uses it everyday for up to the minutes odds and line movement. It’s one of our industry secrets that helped us grow to become the successful reputable service we’ve grown to today, winning our clients in excess of $1 million every year.

With up to the minute news and updates, our team spends hours on Vegas Insider each and everyday preparing our daily game reports for our clients. As their name suggests, they’re the real Vegas Insiders, as they get word faster than anyone else on all sports betting news and updates. If you’re not using them, you’re probably not winning your games… It’s as simple as that. Every bettor from the professionals to the amateur weekend warriors are scraping information from Vegas Insider. It’s arguably the best resource to quickly check out past lines, find various trends, and any other kind of information that can be used for you in your daily sports wagers.  Our own Jon Price is a huge fan of Vegas Insider and actually keeps a tab bookmarked for them as a daily resource in his regular, daily wagers for both himself and his clients.

Top quality resources is what really separates the successful daily gamblers from the unsuccessful loser gamblers who throw away their hard earned money, only to earn it back and lose it again. We’re Sports Information Traders, we realize the important of information better than anyone else in the business. Stop listening to poor quality and misinformed information from less than reputable sources online whether it be online sports betting forums or the latest talking head with a weekly article… Cutout the losers in your ear and join a winning team here at Sports Information Traders with our own industry sharps like Jon Price and Mike Wise.

Our own industry sharps here at SIT have worked hand-in-hand with the team over at Vegas Insiders for years to develop close ties to the closest source to Vegas, and our clients reap the rewards of our efforts. No client base is more prepared than our own as our daily game reports are our greatest asset and what gives us the edge over other handicapping services. We couldn’t come up with such valuable game reports without the insider help from our friends at Vegas Insider. If you’re not using them, you need to reevaluate your sports betting skills. It’s one of the tools that every professional and successful sports handicapper uses. Check them out today at VegasInsider.com.

Vegas Insiders Handicapping Picks

We get asked by our clients if they should purchase the VegasInsider packages for betting predictions or work with Jon Price. They are both great options with pros and cons. One of the benefits of using a website that offers picks from a lot of different veteran handicappers is that you can find who the latest hot streak capper is and jump on board. The downside is that you may switch at the wrong time and may never succeed by always rotating between different handicappers and losing out on opportunities to make money. With Jon Price and the S.I.T. team you will have a consistent history of winning that has proven itself over the last decade publicly offering betting predictions. Not every week will be a winning one but over the long run a series of success has been proven. The website is also great for displaying historic handicapping odds something that we use internally with our own system but do not offer to the general public as their website does.

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