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Image result for "vegas sportsbook picks"Vegas Sportsbook Picks is an online sports handicapping service that serves all 4 major American sports, as well as their college counterparts. Judging by the scammer reviews and forum posts from people who have paid for their service, they are a less than reputable company. However, it is possible that they allow their salesmen to hand out their own picks, like so many less reputable companies do, that a few handicappers are making the entire company look bad, but not likely. Quality services, like Sports Information Traders gives out the same picks for our clients. You’re getting the highest in quality sports betting information to help succeed in your sports wagering investments.

Some people have accused Vegas Sportsbook Picks of claiming to win around 75%, and then proceeding to losing 7 of 8 right out of the gate. This is a sign of a less than reputable source and obvious inconsistencies.

The design and overall quality of their site is also a concern. It appears to be a very cheaply made, old school handicapping trap with flashy advertisements and prices all over the page. For a service like Vegas Sportsbook Picks who allows their salesmen and staff to hand out their own personal picks, it takes away their liability and instead places it on the seller. That’s not a formula for success nor is it a good practice from a production stand point.

Instead, choose from quality and highly documented services like Sports Information Traders. We’re the leading sports betting information firm in the country and are currently the leading service in the famous Westgate’s SUPERCONTEST, which is the biggest NFL weekly documented picking contest in the country. Out of 1800 entries, and 1200 of them already below .500, Sports Information Traders is the leading sports service in all of the contest. It’s that kind of achievement that a sports handicapper needs to set himself apart from the rest of the field of sports handicappers in an already crowded industry with more fakes than reputable, and successful sports pickers.

Our own founder and lead sports picker, Jon Price has been one of the most consistent documented sports handicappers over the last 20 years since entering the industry directly after college. He’s not only one of the best sports handicappers in the modern era, but he’s also a very successful sports bettor in his own right, having won multiple multi-million dollar wagers with his own picks that he also gives to clients on a daily basis.

Get in now with a reputable service that’ll help you learn to invest wisely in sports and turn your losing hobby into a smart, winning investment. Call now and speak with Jon Price or one of his associates to see how we can get you and your bankroll back on track starting tonight!

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