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Wagering on NFL teams on extended losing skids

It happens every season — NFL teams that just can’t seem to find a way to win a game, no matter how hard they try.
That often culminates into long losing streaks and dissipating public betting interest.

However, smart NFL bettors know that anything can happen from week to week, and sometimes losing team’s could be just about to break through and end their streak, meaning, if handicappers are willing to take the risks, they can often find a very nice price if they are willing to bet on them.

Of course, trying to prognosticate whether a team is going to end their losing losing skid is not always an easy thing to do. But here are a few things to look at to give NFL handicappers a better shot at figuring it out.

First, bettors need to take stock of the team’s current losing streak, which is not as obvious as it sounds.

There are numerous reasons why a team keeps losing, and some are real concerns while others are not.

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For example, if a team is losing because it is missing a number of key players to injuries, or close games by being unlucky, that’s one thing. But if it has been blown out consistently, and has been losing at home to underwhelming teams, this can be a big problem.

The more a handicapper can understand why a team is on a losing streak, the better he or she can determine if it will continue or not, and can gain an easy edge over the betting public, which will not likely look into a team’s losing streak with much digging.

Once a bettor has established why a team is losing, it is important to look at who it plays next.

Handicappers should take the same approach as they would for any other matchup here. Comparing stats along with strengths and weaknesses of each team. Just because a team is losing, doesn’t mean they are going to continue to lose. Maybe their next opponent will be the just what the doctor ordered to snap their losing skid.
The next thing NFL bettors need to look at when considering betting on a team on a losing skid, is its current mental state.

A team that can remain positive and stay focused during hard times is more than likely a team that might be on the verge of a big breakout game.

Handicappers need not look far to get an idea of how a team is feeling mentally, either. All they need to do is flip on the television and watch the attitude delivered by coaches and players during interviews. Are they making excuses for their performance, or are they owning up to the problems and providing solutions ? If it is the latter, a handicapper may want to back that team.

Finally, what is the public really thinking?

Most of the time the betting public will not back a team on losing skid, betting against them heavily. Oddsmakers know this and will adjust the lines accordingly.

But the difference between an attractive football bet and an unattractive one is betting on longshots.

Value on an underdog, especially one on a losing streak are hard to back, but can provide tons of value when the public deserts them in tough times.

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