"Mr. Price has been given the "Billy Walters treatment" by the betting establishments in the Las Vegas area, due to his distinct ability to pick winners and cost casinos millions."

Image result for WagerTalkWagerTalk.com is a very popular aggregate for sports betting picks from a variety of handicappers with a variety of specialities throughout the sports gaming and betting industry. Independent sports pickers advertise and offer their picks on their website as a way to reach the masses that the WagerTalk.com platform enables them to expand to.

From news, handicappers, free picks, paid picks, videos, and podcasts, Wager Talk markets itself as an all in one resource for all of your sports betting and gambling needs. While it can be a reliable source at times to find new and up and coming sports pickers to try out, it also lets in far too many scam services to prey on their visitors. There’s no real standards for who they feature on their website, it’s simply a pay to play format where any picker in the world can pay their fee to advertise and post their picks for people to purchase on the Wagertalk.com.

Not only are the quality of the picks a bit all over the place, but the prices of their picks are, as well. Prices of these handicappers picks range anywhere from $20 to $500 easily for their most basic introductory packages. And it’s hard to know what exactly you’re buying considering Wagertalk only provides as much background information on these sports handicappers as they wish to provide to wager talk.

If you’re looking to sample a few different handicappers or just do some research on the big names currently in the industry, WagerTalk.com can be a great resource. But be sure to do your due diligence before signing up with one of their lesser know, unproven sports handicappers that they feature daily on their website, and promoting with outlandish claims like 75% winners in the NFL and such. Whenever you see numbers like that, it’s an obvious scammer.

So while it can be used as a decent tool for scoping the sports handicapping landscape, be sure to think twice before falling for big numbers and outrageous winning percentages from the users that post on their platform. Platforms like WagerTalk.com, and to a lesser extent, forums like Covers.com, these services invite scammers by opening their doors to anyone willing to share sports picks. This is also how misinformation spreads like wild fire before a game, moving the lines in the wackiest and weirdest ways sometimes. Even more perplexing and confusing is that sometimes these posters and handicappers who are giving out their free picks, they’re sometimes planting that false information intentionally, hoping to move and manipulate the sportsbooks’ lines through having the public move large amounts of money on the opposite side of which the source plans to take. Be wary whenever taking picks from online forums, while anyone can get lucky or hot, following internet strangers’ picks is a sure way to go broke sooner than later.